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NBA 2K24 Green Window Comparisons

Video Transcript:
in this video we'll look at the green window stats between two different custom jump shots with the same fre Point requirement but to begin for fun and itas only no cheating which jump shot here do you think has the better green window stats jump shot a or jump shot B leave your answers in the comments so now let's compare these jump shots in detail so both A and B has a three-point requirement and rating of 77 and they're set to Fair quick with different bases and release plans now jump shot B here has fill the entire meter while a Time the shot in the early portion of the green window so at first round you're going to think B is going to Green it while a misses but surprisingly though it is a who greens a shot it turns out the L will base of a release blending of Cole Anthony and Bo at 50% each has a much better green window versus custom jump shot beat now let's take a deep dive into the green window stats comparisons and if you like to see our entire custom jump shot green window database you can sign up at nba2k.com and as a member you can also submit a custom jump shot test order monthly so here are the green window stats of custom jump shot a which has the L wheel base with the co Anthony and and Bo release plans and as you can see his overall green window is pretty stable now granted it is a 77 freep Point requirement so it is kind of on the slower end even on very quick at the 700 millisecond range but overall the window is stable now if you take both custom jump shots am MB and you compare the green window stats together you can see the L will base has a much better green window versus the Austin River base custom now granted Austin is a little bit faster the one on the right but the overall stability just the consistency of the green window is way better with the L wheel Bas blending so this is actually pretty interesting because the both shots right they have the exact same requirement as 77 but building the L wheel one is actually going to give you a pretty big advantage in terms of Greening your shots because the green window is just so much better and if you enjoy these type of comparisons add a like to this video comment your custom jump shot below and we can take a look at it for you and maybe look at this green window stats and if you want to see our entire database just come sign up at nba2k.com as always thanks for coming by and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon