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NBA 2K24 Best Build Height Tier List

Video Transcript:
what's good with y'all boys man this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now one of the biggest questions when making a new build is which is the better height to go with we got you covered in today's video as we rank all of the Heights in 2K 24 into a tier list to help you guys make better decisions when you guys are in the Builder that being said go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this and comment down below your favorite height so far in 2K 24 that all being said man let's go ahead and get into [Music] it and if you guys didn't already know outside from this video we have a lot of free tools on our website right on our homepage we have the tools section and it drops down all of these free tools including animation requirements badge tiers by height badge requirements and the attribute weights so definitely check out these free tools on our websites when you guys are in the Builder sculpting your next build on to the two list in today's video and we're going to go ahead and start out with putting all of the builds under 62 in the don't recommend tab we all know the defensively being as small you will get blown by a lot more and on top of that no matter which way you make the bill with how much defense you guys will have a smaller wingspan in a smaller steel radius and even if you get more attributes on a smaller height like this offensively your shots will be contested a whole lot more because you are a shorter player can they be usable and might be fun sometimes maybe but we ultimately don't recommend them here now on to 62 we're still going to put it in a low tier at that c tier but it still can be recommended because it's the tallest height you can be while still getting Hall of Fame unpluckable now while Hall of Fame unpluckable can be a big W for some players out there it's still cost a lot at that 98 ball handle rating so it's going to be a lot harder to make a more well-rounded build at that 62 if you're going for the Hall of Fame unpluckable that's why we put it down to the C tier now on to 63 if you guys do see a competitive guard pick a height it's most likely going to be that 63 height this height specifically gets a lot of attributes and it has a lot of variations to make a good well-rounded build ultimately it's still going to be a short guard so it is going to get contested more than the taller guards would be but definitely not a bad option so we're going to go ahead and throw it in the B tier now onto that 64 height doesn't seem to get as many attribute points as the 63 does but it is the tallest height you can still get those small guard animations this build can still be very usable just like the 62 can but we feel it just isn't on the same level as those 63 guard Builds on to that 65 height now this is the shortest you can go while still getting those tall guard animations other words if you're looking for a fast build that still gets the animations like the Kobe Bryant pull-up this could be usable for you but ultimately it isn't going to get as many attribute points as some of its contenders we go ahead and throw it into the C tier now you guys are starting to see a rhythm here a lot of the shorter builds this year are at the bottom tiers and a lot of the taller builds are going to end up being in those higher tiers speaking on higher tiers onto the 66 this goes straight to the S tier this is basically the 69 build from last year the all-around demig gu it gets so many attribute points and has so much leverage or badge Point requirements and also versatility see a lot of competitive players going with that 66 height we've seen a number of good 66 builds and there is a reason why everybody is making that 66 height we have a couple 66 builds that we recommend on our website under the recommended builds Tab and in conclusion the 66 height is just the top dog of 2K 24 so far now on to the 67 height not a bad height but not of the best Heights in the game we're going to go ahead and throw this in the B tier this height isn't really hanging with that 67 and 68 quite as well but a 67 lockdown build that we see in competitive play a lot is one of the most popular builds or that lock down position specifically now on to the 68 build we're going to go ahead and throw this in a tier not quite on the level as the 66 but it's just almost there it has a lot of attribute points to spend you can make this build very versatile you guys can make a 68 guard you guys can make a 68 lock down and you can even make a 68 to play the big man position this height has a lot of Versatility to it and has a lot of attribute points to spend to make those well-rounded builds that you guys love so much onto that 69 height we're going to go ahead and throw this in the C tier it only gets bronze speed booster for those people that trying to make you know two-way builds or those tall small forward power forward builds that can still handle the rock this could be a solid height for those big men out there like to play the power forward position but altogether it isn't really quite on the same level as that 68 height now the 69ine height can be very usable and very fun to use as well as all the CB A and S tier bites but in terms of competitiveness it's just not up there with those top dogs now on to the 610 height this is becoming a lot more popular for very good reasons up with the a tier on that 68 level the 610 can come out with some very good builds you can make very good big man versatile big man builds with this 610 height again we even have one recommended there on the 2K Labs website so definitely go check that out now on to that 611 height this is the tallest height you can get with some really nice you know ball handle attributes it can be pretty versatile but again it's not you know as much of a top dog as those other Heights like that 68 and 610 now on to that 7t height we have seen some really nice 7ot Center builds out there we're going to go ahead and throw this in the a tier these 7 Foot Center builds can be dominant scores dominant passers and dominant rebounder this is ultimately one of the best big man Heights to go with this year in 2K 24 another good height for the center build is at 71 now our 71 anchor poer that is very loved and very popular is on our website and also free on our YouTube channel for those that want to see some content on it and see how that build plays 71 is another very solid height it's not a bad height in any form so that's going to go ahead and go into the B tier as we get into those taller Center Heights that 72 height is just not as fast and as versatile as that 7t and that 71 height and with that 73 height you're ultimately going to be very very slow now these 72 and 73 Heights can be very valuable in some lineups for sure of course I'm never seeing any c tier height is unusable but there are just other options out there and this tier list and this video is just help guide you guys whenever you guys are in the Builder so you guys don't feel so lost if this video delivered that make sure y'all left a like on today's video subscribe to the channel if you guys want more useful information like this comment down below a height that you've been liking so far in 2K 24 and it's been it and I'll catch youall on the next one peace