NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Tips: Jumpshot Green Windows Guide 2K24 Video

2K24 Best Green Window Guide

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Green Window Guide

Video Transcript:
here's a custom jump shot one of you guys asked for last week and continue to leave comments of your jump shot and we'll try our best to look at this screen window for you now for today's video we'll be focusing on the green window stats of the 77 freep Point rating custom with Austin Rivers base and a release blending of Terry roier and JJ reic and if you would like to see our entire custom jump shot green window database you can sign up at and as a member you can also submit a custom jump shot test order monthly so previously we have gone over some great Customs such as the Pippen jump shot and the jump shot but for this one with the rivers bay you can see here I have pretty much filled the meter but the shot did not go in because the green window stats of this custom is not great and here are it green window stats in detail the overall stability and width of this green window is just not there you can see the early potential and late potentials are okay but the pure green window itself is quite small from 7:15 to 720 now granted the rating requirement for this custom is low at 77 free point rating so you can see the rivers one on the left left and the Brunson one on the right which is a higher requirement 89 but even for a 77 this Rivers one is quite bad as I will follow up later in the week with another 77 three-point jump shot to show you guys that you guys love in the comment section and that one does much better than this one so overall it's pretty much I got to say that uh if you're using this River custom and you're the person who left the comment try to change it up a little bit I will give you a better 77 3.1 later as the testing on that one finishes but if you can't wait and you want everything right now you can sign up at to see our entire custom jump shot database and all the green Windows stats for many different ratings many different bases and release blending but if you ever wonder hey 89 versus 77 3.0 what does that look like green Window Wise here are the stats for you so there you go uh feel free to leave any questions in the comment section as always thank you for coming by and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon