NBA 2K24 How to Dunk with Dunk Meter & Right Stick: More Contact Dunks + Standing Dunks ! Video

NBA 2K24 Dunk Meter Tutorial

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NBA 2K24 How Dunk Meter Works

Video Transcript:
in today's video we'll be looking over some Advanced sound controls we'll be looking at some of the best button tongues and rice stick dunks available to you in the game we'll also focus on the dunking meter and the new skill dunks that are available to you so please add a like if you'd like to see more advanced controls content like this and let us know what other topics you want us to focus on and for more advanced stats on badges jump shots and even tools to help you with your my player builds come to all year long so let's begin with the dunk meter now if you go to your controller settings you can turn on all of your jump shot meter or your layout meter however you don't see an option for dunk meter this is because by default the tank meter is always on but in order to see it you must trigger a skill dump now to trigger a skill down all you got to do is hold turbo and move your right stick up or down quickly release it and then move and hold it up or down again and you want to release the ride stick when it reaches the green window of the dunk meter so if you hold turbo push your right stack up and then push it up and hold it again it will do a skill down same thing of holding turbo push it down and then hold it down turn double up then down will also work but obviously release the stick when it's in the middle of that green window at the end of the meter and turbo and then down and then up will also work I find this one weird but it's up to you and to change the look of your tongue meter all you got to do is go to your controller settings pick a shot be the type I have test gear I set it by the head and it's medium size and newly added in this year you can actually do a skill dunk or dunk meter dunk with a standing there now the previous way is to hold L2 hold R2 and then push your left stick and right stick both up and this will give you a standing down out of the pose animation you can see a play of choice here but this year you can actually let go of L2 so cancel out of the post hold turbo now and then put your rice deck up and then hold it down and then let go when it's in the green window this will actually give you a standing down computer down but the key is you have to let go of L2 first if you don't let go of L2 and you hold turbo and you push the right stick up and then down you're gonna get these kind of layup animations which is not what you want so make sure to let go of L2 to get the standing dunk with the meter now you can also use your rice to trigger dominant or half hand dunks all you got to do is hold turbo and move and hold your right stick to the left or to the right at close range and your right stick direction is going to determine which hand you're dunking with so these are turbo right stick to the left dunks but this player's dominant hand is actually to his right hand so here you can see I start doing turbo right stick to the right and his dominant hand Downs are much stronger and cleaner and he just finishes quicker because the right hand is his dominant hand now you can also do two hand dunks with the right stick all you're going to do is hold turbo and push your right stick straight up and that will trigger these two handouts now one interesting about two-hand dances is that you can actually get controllable Rim hands as you perform any two handout so if you finish off with two run down and you continue to hold on the turbo or R2 you can actually use your left stick to control the swing of your player and you can move the rice deck up and down to do these kind of Pull-Up Rim hangs you see me do this is completely for showboating purposes only but it isn't again now you can also hold turbo and push your right stick to the right if you're driving in from the right Baseline if you do that you can get these reverse thumbs you will need to equip Baseline reverse down packages to get this or a player package that has reversed down such as Kobe or DeRosa now if you go turbo push the right stick to the left because you're coming from the left Baseline you'll get a reverse down coming from that side and now because some of these reverse dunks are two hand dunks you can actually also trigger controllable Rim hands out of them you can also do hot tongues by simply holding on the turbo and pushing your right stick diagonal down to the non ball head so you're just going to push it and hold it down and it will trigger these hop Downs the dunk meter doesn't kick in here so all you're going to do is hold turbo right stick diagonal down to the forehand this case you can see hop and you just got to hold on to everything and he'll finish the dump and depending on the package you have in the player size some of these can go pretty crazy now as a button dunks you can also hold turbo double tap square and that's going to give you a spin down so with the rice spacing and timing these can end up looking pretty cool and can be also quite devastating animation wise now you can also hold turbo if you're wide open no one in front of you you can double tap triangle to throw it off the glass to yourself and then you can finish with the button with timing and you'll do some pretty cool off the glass oops I guess and the flashy tongues that you think all you got to do is hold R2 and move the right deck down while driving in close range and that's going to trigger whatever flashy your down packages come with so hopefully you enjoy this kind of advanced controls content if you would like more just add a like to this video leave a comment on what I can those you want to see and as always thank you for coming by check out for more information and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon