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NBA 2K24 Steph Curry Jumper

Video Transcript:
let's take a deep dive into the curry shot based green window to see the effects of post patch buff to wide openen shots so here's the curry based green window before the patch and as you can see the center of the green window is relatively small and there's only about a 5 millisecond range where the shot make percentage is above 90% And then it kind of tails up into the 70s and on the late Edge the make percentage is also incredibly low and keep in mind these are make percentages from a 92 free point rating so let's take the post patch data and line it up against pre patch and as you can see post patch here is being represented by the green line and the green window size in general is the same but the center of the green window and even the late edges the M percentage of post patch is much higher on wide open shots so we can definitely see the effects of that post patch buff here and we look at the numbers in detail with pre patch on the left here and post patch on the right you can see the timing are exactly the same but the make percentage on post patch just stands out you're looking at ones of 100% And instead of your 5 millisecond green window with 90% plus now you you got a good 10 millisecond range where you're 90 and all the way into 100 and even on the later edge of the green window you can see post patch on the right that's almost 20% higher compared to pre patch so if you're right at the center you get a lot of benefit but even late Edge the shots are now much more makeable post patch especially when they are wide open and if you like to see more data like this for other sh bases please consider signing up at NBA 2K where we have more of this available to you in our database we even have a tool for you where you can plug in your controller select your build height and freepoint rating and then you can take shots and get real time millisecond feedback on your performance and in the end we'll recommend you a shot based on that performance so I would love to hear you guys feedback on just your post patch shooting experience because the numbers here are definitely showing that the wide openen buff post patch is real so let me know how you guys been doing give us some feedback on what maybe what type of other data you might want to see and if you enjoy this type of content definitely add a like to the video we love to hear you guys' thoughts on just how you've been doing how you've been tuning and you enjoy the new patch please consider supporting us by signing up on so we can continue to do what we love for you guys and as always thanks for coming by and if you got any questions leave in the comment section and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon