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NBA 2K24 Builder Review Guide

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab Channel 2K 24 is right around the corner we were fortunate enough to play the game early we got invited by 2K to play the game and we even got to test the Builder out so big shout out to 2K for putting on an incredible event with that being said we have a ton of information on the Builder and my main goal in this video right here is to give everyone a better understanding so you can be better prepared when you hit the Builder yourself so be sure to subscribe and turn on notis for more 2K 24 content let's get right into it foreign [Music] How NBA Build Templates work in 2k24 now when you first get into the Builder there's going to be two options you can choose from you can create your own build like you normally would and then you can also select an MBA template which says that it lets you start with a build molded from an NBA superstar for some people like myself I might be in the Builder for an entire day before making a build but others might want to get right into the action and onto the court and so for those people these NBA player build templates might be for you this is a good option for people who don't want to deal with the intricacies of a brand new build system right away and if you go this route with an MBA template it has its perks Zach Timmerman one of The Producers at 2K had a tweet that said this a cool little feature we like about the NBA player templates and the Builder is that if you choose one and avoid customizing you'll be equipped with all of his signature gameplay animations off rip so if you do decide to make that NBA player template not only will it come with the signature animations that player currently has in the game even if you don't meet the attribute thresholds they have plenty of templates to choose from at every position and you're sure to find something you like should you go this route and even if you don't want to use the exact player build template you can always customize the template itself and make it your own but like Timmerman said you won't get the animation and everything off rip so just keep that in How to Create Your Own NBA 2K24 Build mind now when you start to make your first build in NBA 2k 24 be prepared for a complete overhaul of the build system which means you have to rethink how you want to make your MyPlayer when people said that the Builder was strict that's because they meant it now if you try to make a 23 build in 24 which I'm actually going to show you guys in another video very soon you're going to be wildly disappointed the thresholds for Badges and animations have basically been reworked from the ground up and when trying to make a build this year you're going to be faced with a lot of decisions because you really can't have everything like you did in 2K 23. now when you first start to make your build you can pick your position height weight and wingspan like normal but now instead of just being able to see the attribute caps and now shows you the maximum badge levels able to be unlocked with your current settings and this may take a little bit to get used to as we learn the new badge names and images but it's definitely a nice feature to help speed up your selection process as it's easier to see your build's maximum potential now I'm not going to go over every single threshold but I do want to go over some just to show you how much has changed let's just take a look at a badge like Limitless range the requirement for bronze Limitless is now an 85 three-point rating which is the same rate rating that gave you silver in 2k23 which was actually pretty decent now it's 85 for just bronze and we're unsure how effective that level will even be another threshold to look at was the pass accuracy needed for just bronze bailout so now if you ever even think of bailing out of a shot you're going to need at least an 87 pass accuracy to have a decent chance at a clean catch animation on the other end things like handles for days and even workhorses now gated by your stamina so there's no slacking on stem this year and for most players it's no longer just an attribute you can lower to min max your player for that extra attribute somewhere else stamina actually means a little bit more now another major thing is that quick First Step got removed and is now called Speed Booster and if you remember in 23 the 68s were so good because they had Hall of Fame quick First Step but this year if you want a badge like Hall of Fame Speed Booster the tallest you can be is 6'4 so as I said before you're gonna have to rethink how you wanna make your build in 24 and really make decisions about which badges that you want to maximize and the last thing I wanted to mention in this part here was the speed with ball attribute this attribute got a major tune-up since everyone was just going to 75 last year for the Michael Jordan double style now that same dribble style requires more speed with ball making it far tougher to equip I for one am actually happy with this change as a lot of the community was asking for all attributes to matter this year so I think this was a great change that made a lot of sense and should provide more variety within the game especially at different heights and now when you're making these Builds on release day if you need a complete and comprehensive list of all animations and badge requirements on day one it'll be available for free at so be sure to check that out and everything that we got going on over there now NBA 2k24 Builder Quality of Life Improvements there's been a bunch of quality of life improvements within the Builder to make the process a bit more seamless and one of the biggest features I loved when making my builds at Community day was the ability to edit your build without having to reset every attribute yes you can now change your height weight or just about anything on your build and all attributes will stay the same unless your caps have changed by the new settings in which case it will just go to the highest number available and you won't lose your entire build like in past 2ks which saves a lot of time now if you do want to reset your attributes you can press square on PlayStation or X on Xbox and it will give you a blank slate to work with they've also added a more clear representation of which attributes are tied together when increasing or decreasing a specific attribute so you can easily see what's going on now as you're making your build you want to notice the top right tabs where it says relevant Badges and all badges the relevant badges tab will show you all the badges tied to that current attribute you have selected so if you have past accuracy selected it will show you all the badges related to that attribute and you can use the right stick to scroll up and down through each of the different badges in that menu now if you scroll over to all badges it will bring you to a section that shows you all of your myplayer's best and worst badges in each tier and you can use your right state to move around and select different Badges and even see the thresholds of each level along with the badge description this view is the best way to get a general idea of your myplayer's full potential and when it comes to badge tiers a general idea to keep in mind is that as you grind for these badges in game the higher tier badges will be harder to get and keep while the lower tier badges will be easier to get and key because you can lose badges this year in 2K 24. so a good tip in the Builder this year is to be on the lookout for good Badges and lower tiers to really maximize the value of your builds at different heights another thing I wanted you guys to see was the green meter behind the attributes being up as I Max the player out to 99. this feature was in 23 as well but I particularly like it this year because you can really see how much the higher attributes are affecting your overall once we hit a 95 rating on some of those major attributes like three point rating or steel it really starts the way extremely heavy on your overall take my three-point rating for example I was looking to see how much it took to get a 99 3 point and as you can see I have a near completed build here with about five more overall to play with and by going from just a 98 to a 99 three point rating I've basically maxed out my build with that one attribute point so this tells me that these higher attribute thresholds should feel very powerful with the badges they unlock now Do I Need Strength In 2K24? those are just some of the great quality of life features in the new Builder but now I want to talk about strength and physicals in this video I wanted to answer the burning question of does strength matter and this year my early impression is that it absolutely matters in NBA 2k 24. now this might not apply to all players as smaller pgs don't even have access to the higher strength thresholds but for lockdowns and slashers the same strength is going to play an important role this year now weather strength is actually effective as an attribute itself remains to be seen but the reason why strength matters so much this year is because there are a lot of badges that are gated behind it and I'll go through some of them take for example the physical handles badge which lessens the chance of being bothered by Defenders on the perimeter while dribbling you need at least an 83 strength and an 80 ball handle to unlock Hall of Fame and while smaller pgs can get lower levels of this badge we just don't know yet how effective it will be but another badge that could be important this year that requires a lot of strength is immovable enforcer this improves the defensive player's strength when defending ball handlers and finishers and I think this is going to be a really good badge for Wing players and especially lockdowns who want to play solid defense on the perimeter and against slashers at The Rim I can see this being a great counter badge to the new finishing badge called Big Driver now some other badges like Fearless finisher and bulldozer are also gated behind certain strength requirements so for some players they may not need strength as much as others and we'll get a better idea of what's the most effective when we test these Badges and attributes and will also be able to better find out if the badge is carrying the attributes or if it's the other way around now not only does strength matter more this year but so do the rest of your physicals as certain badges can be gated by attribute like speed acceleration and even vertical which wasn't really a thing in 2k23 take for example the new defensive badge fast speed which boosts the player's ability to stay in front of dribblers while guarding on the perimeter that badge requires an 82 acceleration on top of a 97 perimeter defense to unlock on the Hall of Fame level which is a pretty big investment the limitations of your physicals definitely rely a lot on the Best Build Height 2k24 height of your build as well which brings me to the last part of this video and that's which height you should choose for your builds now I'm mainly focused on ball handlers and the play making attributes with these Heights it's only going to go up to six eight but for short guards I think all Heights from 6-2 to 6-4 might be pretty popular a 6-2 is the tallest height that unlocks all of the S tier playmaking badges on Hall of Fame and then 6-4 is the tallest height that can get Hall of Fame speed booster with the best six it's going to be hard to afford all of these playmaking attributes but I'm just letting you know the upside of these Heights the six threes may also be back as they're the tallest builds that can unlock Hall of Fame blow buys six five is the tallest side to get 99 three point and Hall of Fame handles for days whether you can afford both of those things simultaneously is another story but a very popular early the option so far which has been talked about amongst the community a little bit was the 66 builds as they look like the best in between build in terms of getting good playmaking attributes at a good height and still having the capability to do everything on offense depending of course on how they make the build and they're also the tallest build that can unlock Hall of Fame ankle breaker six sevens and six eighths will be good Heights for a lot of players of course especially Wing players but you'll have to be okay with lower levels of Speed Booster and the other playmaking badges as well and also the lower end dribble Styles now these builds will be more geared toward lockdowns and slashers but in the right hands I'm sure people will figure out the dribbling in due time and they should farewell in the park is all around complimentary build now those are just my general thoughts and tips on this Builder this year and I really hope this video gives you a better understanding of how the Builder actually works in NBA 2k 24. we have a bunch of Builder content coming out in the coming days before the release so be sure to stay tuned for that and turn oldies on because you really don't want to miss these videos it's Ben spill thanks for watching I'm out later