NBA 2K24 Best Guard Animations (6'4 and Under) vs Wing Build Video

NBA 2K24 6'4 vs 6'6 Animations

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Best Guard Animations

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is kza and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video we're going to be comparing the pros and the cons between the small guard builds any height up to 64 against the wing builds any height from 65 to 69 this video isn't to say one is better than the other but to help you guys personalize your build making decisions in the Builder we're going to go ahead and compare their hop jumper animations as well as their dribble pull-up fading shot animation and their dribble moves so if yall Ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to channel if you guys want more cont like this let's go ahead and get into [Music] it now starting off the video with the Hop jumpers on the small guards now the small guards as you can see get an amazing hop Jumper in their Arsenal this hop jumper is becoming more and more popular as the days goes on especially in competitive play this could be a very good move to implement into your offensive bag if you guys enjoy doing these hop jumper animations this animation can definitely catch a Defender off guard it's lightning fast and easy to Green let's hop into the animations and as you can see are going to get that Daven Mitchell hop jumper which is again lightning fast and very fun to use now we have found an animation on the wing builds that is similar to the DAV and Mitchell that the smaller guards get but not as fast doesn't create as much space and just all around not as good as that Daven Mitchell and that animation is the normal to hop jumper for those Wing builds so if hop jumpers are something that you implement into your game a lot maybe leaning toward Wards the guard Builds on that perspective pulling into the dribble pull-up fadeaway animations with the small guards you're going to get a couple go-to animations here if you guys don't know by now fading especially in the mid-range can be very very useful in game this year in 2K 24 so adding the Fade Into Your offensive bag could be a very good idea this year now here at NBA 2K lab we got you covered with a couple different recommendations here you could use Nate Robinson as shown in today's video or even Ben melmore now the wing builds here definitely take the cake again for having the bed dribble pull-up Fade Away animation so here if you're somebody that likes to implement that fade away into your offensive bag more often then maybe the wing builds sound more comforting here having that more consistent and smoother looking dribble pull-up animation would take your game to that next level especially like we talked about throughout the mid-range Wing builds have the best dribble pull-up animation so far that you're being Cobe Bryant now getting into the dribbling animations we go back to the guard builds having different dribble styles and signature size UPS now the guards here are going to win in this category having better dribble Styles and signature size up options get so far the best dribble style in the game which is Kyrie Irving also getting size UPS like Steve Francis and even Darius Garland now onto the wing builds they do have options for dribble Styles but none of them are touching how good Kyrie Irving dribble style is adding on to that their size ups are nowhere near as good or fast as Steve Francis or Darius Garland now the recommended dribble Styles we have are pro LeBron James Magic Johnson and Zack and they have some solid size UPS consisting of dearn fox Dwayne Wade and even John Moran now this video isn't made to say which build is quote unquote better but rather point out the pros and cons between each height so you guys have an easier decision whenever you guys head into the Builder so we hope this video help you guys make better decisions to help personalize your builds and if it did make sure youall drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this and as always I'll catch on the next one