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NBA 2K24 Badge Unlock Gates

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to NBA 2K lab today I'll be showing you the batch unlock levels tool we developed for you guys that you can use on for free the tool itself is neatly organized and categorized into four different sections and we have also color coded so you can easily tell which badges only require one attribute which one requires multiple and which one requires either all to access just make sure you come to and then select the myplayer20 section and on there click batch unlock levels and after that you will see batch unlock levels pop up and then you can select any category you want and there will be a link in the description below that will take you directly there so you can use the tool right away and if you'd like to see more details that's on badges jump shots and even more tools to help you with your my player builds just come to or year long so in What are Badge Unlock Thresholds in 2k24? case you're wondering what a patch unlock levels in 2k24 well in this year's game you have to obtain a certain attribute level in order to unlock the ability to equip certain tiers of Badges and the charge we have made for you as you you use your tool and you will see them they show you exactly how high you need an attribute to be to unlock that badge and please note that some badges can be unlocked by multiple attributes but you only need one of the attributes to reach the threshold so let's take a How Badge Unlock Thresholds work in NBA2k24 look in detail and use shooting badges as an example so here you see agent 3 is color coded as solid green which means it only needs that attribute to be able to unlock it which is in this case A4 agent 3 is free point and if you have it at 76 you'll unlock bronze ad6 will unlock Silver 94 for gold and 98 for Hall of Fame and also please notice there's minimum and maximum height requirements this year also so you must also fall into those categories have that attribute in those certain numbers and you'll be able to unlock those specific badge levels and this is for agent 3. now if we go down one you have blinders but this time it is color coded into two different yellow ones with two different attributes this means having one or the other is okay but you will need different attribute thresholds to get the batch level so for example if you want to get blinders at a silver level you going to need a 79 free point shot but for mid-range if you're getting it with just that you're going to need an 83. so make sure you pay attention to these details and once again minimum height and maximum height will always apply and sometimes the height are different and now let's move on to the playmaking category and let's take a look at the blow by badge which is one of the more restrictive ones out there as you can see blowby has three different sections and has all color at screen that means you're gonna need all three of these attributes to pass in order to get that badge so let's say you want Blow by at bronze not only do you have to be between the height of five seven to six eleven you're gonna need your ball handle bs67 your speed with ball with 62 and your acceleration is 61. you must satisfy all three to get that batch level so if you go all the way to Hall of Fame for Blow by you're gonna need 97 ball handle 89 speed with ball and 90 acceleration so definitely keep this tool in your back pocket as it's going to help you a lot when you especially when you make your first build and we will have plenty of build information for you guys once the Embargo was lifted we can start showing you tomorrow so make sure you subscribe and we'll be able to show you those in detail and we'll also be able to release more and more tools over the week as more embargo is lifted and as always thank you for coming by make sure to check out the website and the tool is down in the link in the description below and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon