NBA 2K23 Major Changes : Shooting Tips on Green Window Make % vs 2K22 Video

2K22 vs 2K23 Shooting Comparison

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How much harder is it to Shoot in 2k23?

Video Transcript:
so in this video we'll be showing you the major changes that 2k has done the shooting between 2k23 and and this chart right here will actually also give you the answers you need as to why you might be missing way more shots this year compared to last year or maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum where you're shooting way better either way we're going to break this chart to you in detail and by the end of this video you can have a much better understanding with shooting this year in regards to green window and make percentage changes and hopefully that's going to help you shoot better over time also make sure to come hang out around 7 pm eastern tonight on september 14th for our live stream battle of the builds with special guest laker fan and bear the beast so the numbers you are seeing here comes from a jumper base with no badges no hot songs 85 free point rating shot in 2k 22 and shot in 2k 23. so these two green dotted lines is the green window size of 2k 22 for this shot and these two solid green lines is the green window size in 2k 23. and what stands out the most in this chart is that you can see in 2k 22 there's a 30 chance to make an early shot while it's pretty much not possible in 2k 23. and since 22 has it thoroughly agree with though so you can see the make percentage spikes up but in 23 that green window hasn't even started so the percentage is still low and as you get into the green window in 23 you're already kind of close to the center in 22 so the percentage is even higher for 22 than 23. now but if you get it right into the center though you can see the make percentage is much better in 23 versus 22. very consistent in 23 when you're right in the center while 22 still fluctuates a little and as you exit the green window the percentage falls off significantly in 23 immediately while 22 is kind of like a slow fall off with a little bit of a dip and then when you get out of that green window it's over for 23 but in 22 you still have a decent chance of making some shots so if you made it to this part of the video leave in the comment section a number between one to ten so we know who stayed to the end and this number will also reflect on how you feel about these shooting changes that are happening in 2k 23 compared to 2k22 these are major changes and it does change the game up but now that you do know what's going on hopefully this is going to help you uh adjust better and improve on your shooting and if you enjoy this content you can also swing by our website at where we do literally hundreds and thousands of tests for you with even more details on there so make sure you check that out and as always we really appreciate you guys thanks for coming by and we look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon