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NBA 2K19 Shooting Comparison

Video Transcript:
for those of you that are just looking to see how we test chats we will start there and then we will go into more details about jump shooting in 2k 19 at the end let's start with the old metrics and then we'll explain the new test jump shots we're looking for four different aspects first we find what we refer to as the green window that's simply the earliest and latest possible point in time that the jump shot can result in a green for example if you're using base nine and you hold shoot for four hundred and thirty two to four hundred and sixty eight milliseconds it has the potential to be green next we determine the shot speed speed is simply how quickly the shot gets to the green window so using the same base nine example that speed is four hundred and thirty two milliseconds now for the new metrics for every jump shot we find what we referred to as the pure green breakpoint in the pure green window the pure green breakpoint is the staining three-point rating that your player needs to get a perfect release every time they shoot the ball this rating varies depending on the jumper base you are using next we find the perfect read window that's the amount of time that your jumper bays can result in a one hundred percent make percentage to get these metrics we use our custom modified controllers that allow us to control how long shoot is pressed down to the millisecond we typically start at 500 milliseconds and start raising and lowering the shot speed five millisecond caps until it becomes impossible to get a great release once we have a general range we start going in one millisecond increments to find the exact edge of the window once we have gone roughly 20 shots in a row without a green it is safe to say that we are out of the window now let's go into more detail on how we came to the conclusion about the pure green window and the pure green breakpoint when to k-19 Draft we started by testing jump shots using the exact same methods as we did last year didn't take long for us to figure out that the green percentage of the make percentage from 2 K 18 were now irrelevant because we were making every single shot we took as we tested further we noticed that the green windows changes this year based on your open 3-point rate not just your jump shot base as we were experimenting with finding different green windows at different open three-point ratings we noticed that the windows were actually getting bigger as the open 3-point rating got lower which seemed backwards we began looking in the center of the wider windows to see if they could also agree a hundred percent of the time that's when we discovered that they could not at this point we began looking for the exact rating it takes to unlock the ability to make 100 percent of the shots which proved to be an 86 open three-point rating at this point we began testing other jumper bases expecting 86 to be the magic number again however different jumpers proved to require different ratings to make a hundred percent of your shots finally we learned that some jump shots could green a hundred percent of the time for a 10 millisecond window while others such as giannis could only green a hundred percent of the time if you hit a one millisecond window these numbers vary significantly depending on the base that you're using it is now our goal to test every jump shot check these metrics to identify the undeniably best jump shot in 2k 90