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Video Transcript:
we have had a lot of people ask us on Twitter why are they are missing so many full white bar released shots users want to know if they should try for an early or late release because it feels like these shots go in the answer is without a doubt no to explain why you are missing so many full white bar releases you first have to understand that not every perfect release will resolve the grain grain percentage is one of our three main stats tracked on the jump shot page for this exact reason for example it wide open corner 3 with no badges in play could hypothetically have a perfect release timing of 500 milliseconds if you were to hit this timing exactly there's roughly a 50% chance that the shot will result in a green this means that the other 50% of the time the shot released at the perfect time will result in a full white bar these full white bar shots only go in roughly 5% of the time which is why it feels like for whites never go in the flaw with that thinking is it is not fair to separate the green releases from the white releases releasing at the perfect point or 500 milliseconds in this example results in a 55% combined shooting percentage compare this two shots released it as slightly early or slightly late timing which only go in roughly 35% of the time it feels like early releases go in at a much higher rating because you're comparing the 35% white makes to the 5% white makes from the perfect release when in reality you should be comparing the 55% combined white and green make percentage releasing in 500 milliseconds earlier