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Teamwork is a critical component of success in the NBA 2K League, and there are several statistics that demonstrate this fact. One of the most important is assist-to-turnover ratio, which measures the number of assists a team records for every turnover committed. In the 2021 season, the top five teams in this category all finished with winning records, including the eventual champions, Wizards District Gaming. This suggests that taking care of the ball and sharing it effectively with teammates can lead to success on the court.

Another key statistic is field goal percentage, which measures the percentage of shots a team makes from the field. While this stat is influenced by individual players' skills, it is also heavily impacted by teamwork and ball movement. Teams that are able to generate high-quality shots through unselfish play and smart passing tend to shoot a higher percentage from the field. In 2021, the top four teams in this category all made the playoffs, including the two teams that reached the finals.

Finally, rebounding is another area where teamwork can make a big difference. While there are certainly individual rebounding specialists in the league, successful rebounding teams tend to have multiple players contributing on the glass. This is reflected in the rebounding statistics, where the top rebounding teams tend to have a more balanced distribution of rebounds among their players. In the 2021 season, the four teams with the highest rebounding totals all made the playoffs.

In summary, teamwork is essential to success in the NBA 2K League, and several statistics demonstrate this fact. Teams that prioritize unselfish play, take care of the ball, generate high-quality shots, and rebound effectively tend to perform well in the league. While individual talent is certainly important, it is the ability to work together as a team that ultimately leads to success.

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