NBA 2K23 Jumpshot Timing Recommender

Welcome to the NBA2KLab Jumpshot Timing Recommender!

The goal of this tool is to have you input 10 consistent X/Square button presses that you feel are a comfortable amount of time to hold the shoot button. You should be inputting the timing that feels natural and we will recommend a jumper and timing speed that matches that.

How to Use

To use the Jumpshot Timing Recommender you will first need to decide whether you want to be recommended a jumper and timing combination or just want to be recommended a timing for a specific jumper.

If you already have a jumper base that you ike to use in mind select it from the drop down list. If not check and we will recommend one based purely on your inputs.

Get Your Jumpshot

After selecting your jumper click and hold the Shoot button 10 times on your controller for the shot timing you would like to use. After doing this 10 times you will be recommended either Very Early, Early, Late or Very Late Timing as being optimal.

To use this tool plug in your Xbox or Playstation controller to your computer via USB or connect your controller to your Mobile Phone or PC via Bluetooth. After connecting your controller and hitting a button or moving a stick the controller icon on this page should toggle on.

*Controller support not available on Safari browser. If you're on an iPhone use Chrome instead.