NBA 2k24 Jumpshots

When a new game releases it takes us a couple days to train a new model to detect whether a jumpshot was made or not for our automated testing.

While we wait for that to be completed we have compiled a list of jumpers that worked well in previous years as well as shots that community members have sent us that have worked well for them. If you have found a shot you feel should be on this list you can send it to us and we will get it added.

These shots have not been fully tested yet by our automated process and this list will be deleted in a week or so when we can replace it with significantly better jumper metrics.

Recommended Jumpers

BaseRelease 1Release 2HeightImmunitySpeedStability
GuardSteph CurryOscar RobertsonOscar RobertsonAA-A+B+9150/50
GuardJohn StocktonOscar RobertsonOscar RobertsonB-A-A+A-9050/50
WingCameron JohnsonKyle KorverChris MullenA-A+A-B-8950/50
WingTracy McGradyMikal BridgesKyle KorverAAAB+8950/50
WingCameron JohnsonLuka DoncicChris MullenA+AA-B-8850/50
WingTracy McGradyMikal BridgesLuka DoncicA+A-AB+8850/50
GuardSteph CurryKemba WalkerMatt ThomasAA-A+B+8850/50
WingCameron JohnsonBogdan BogdanovicChris MullenA+AA-B-8750/50
GuardSteph CurryLaMelo BallLaMelo BallC+B-A+B+8750/50
GuardJohn StocktonTrae YoungTrae YoungD+B+A+B+8650/50