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NBA 2K24 2KTV Season 10 Episode 1

Video Transcript:
shooting with Kevin Love Duncan Robinson you can feel the pro play difference for sure the realism in this year's game you know I absolutely love what I played so far they took what the community had to say about the build hey it's your boy King Jordan DF and you're watching the 10th season of 2K TV [Applause] welcome NBA 2K 24 is here and we are back to tip off the exciting 10th season of NBA 2K TV it's so crazy to think for 10 seasons we've been your resource for in-game updates and all things NBA 2K and we're going to be celebrating all year long with you but today it's all about what's new in NBA 2k 24. I'm ready for it and as you can tell Alexis I'm dressed for the occasion you are looking so good Chris I have to say and you know what I'm excited for this Edition in particular I wonder why this year is special for so many reasons 25th anniversary of NBA 2K and cross play is here which is huge absolutely for the first time ever the competition's about to pick up because you can't hide because you will be competing against players cross platform and of course it's the year of Kobe yes finally in NBA 2k 24 you will have plenty of reasons to sell great and step into the shoes of the legend [Applause] get ready for Mamba moments lead the Lakers to Glory as the legend himself Kobe Bryant relive defining games and iconic performances brought to life in Vivid detail strike like the Mamba with every steal fade and dunk in Kobe Bryant's signature Arsenal play these classic games recreating Kobe's greatness against some of his biggest career challenges achieving each game's challenges will bring unique rewards you must be so amped for this Chris oh I'm super pumped and you know what Kobe Bryant has never looked so good in 2K I'm enjoying every part of his game painstakingly recreated like only 2K does I feel transported back to my childhood in the best way possible let's go Kobe okay now it's time to head outdoors all right it's a whole new world here on last gen and check this out you'll be hanging out and hooping Cliffside this year pretty stunning right and there's so much here want to head to the wreck or over to the cruise liner for some 5v5 use this directory to jump to different gameplay areas the Galleria is your home for all your favorite shops 1v1 games your Beach based 3v3 walk-on courts and the Mamba moments building when you're ready for more competition Elevate literally see that blimp up there it has Pro-Am on the side of it for a reason only in 2K can you ball while flying over the neighborhood now grab your sunglasses Chris because in the all-new City it's palm trees and beach sand beautiful out here I can get used to this all year boys here will be which affiliation to join rise or Elite and you'll be met by a familiar face that's all right you don't need to decide right now just come back whenever you're ready and I'll get you started no no no no no I'll get you started I mean technically they have a choice but come on Alexis everyone wants to be elite I don't know Elite is looking pretty good but Shakedown has a strong crew forming to challenge you with ryze and you know rep is back and so are the leaderboards so it's a big decision it shouldn't be we're Elite if you join Shake you're betraying me and I don't like that well heading over to my career and my team these modes are streamlined star-studded and bursting with new content and my team your favorite features are all here plus a brand new Mode called salary cap that's just the beginning of the exciting new changes to my team producer John will be here later in the episode with even more features in my career this year it's all about basketball come in as a generational Prospect ready to cement your legacy that's the challenge you'll find plenty of optional side quests and storyline are you kidding me plus you can now send to key games against Rivals across the NBA lead your team to Victory and elevate your status in the league and around the world seasons are back and have more rewards than ever before first big news your progression tracks across both my career and my team and this year we're introducing a brand new season pass system you'll start with a base pass that gives you free rewards up to level 40. the premium upgrade options pro pass and Hall of Fame pass will give you access to an additional 40 Rewards welcome everyone to Sunset Park all right probably my favorite new feature in the game Streetball you'll want to check this out here you can unlock new takeover perks to make your MyPlayer a better baller you can also pick up new teammates win a game and carry that opponent with you for future games we got a tournament run at the yard that's young Wayne over there I'm seeing all the action on the courts not intimidated it's a ton of fun but make sure you bring your game or the crowd will shut you down it's so much fun I'm also loving the W this year with new ways to impact your team the league and carve out your legacy new events and challenges will pop up throughout the seasons in NBA 2k 24 so be on the lookout and we'll keep you up to date Weekly right here on 2K TV whether it's my team my NBA my career the W or as the Mamba himself NBA 2K 24 is waiting with smoother gameplay and tons of new features plus we haven't even talked about Pro play yet the animations have never looked closer to the real NBA we'll let gameplay director Mike Wang tell us more about that [Applause] NBA 2K 24 is finally here and today to talk about some of the exciting gameplay changes of course the one the only the iconic gameplay director Mike Wang Mike how's it going doing good great to be here Christy absolutely all right let's talk about Pro play one of the most exciting features for me what does Pro play mean I mean because this is something that we've been dreaming about since like I got into the industry to make a long story short what it basically is us having the ability to take real game footage from NBA games real players and generate animations that we can use in-game from those games it's a groundbreaking technology that we have first of its kind and it's just like it's amazing we can get all the authentic animations that you see in real life in our game so when players get their hands on the game what will players feel differently from previous years if you really know the NBA and you know the teams you know the players you're going to immediately tell that this guy feels way more authentic than he ever has before we don't always get all the players to come into mocap we can't always get them playing at the highest level against the highest competition so you're going to feel it right away that the game be so more intense and feels way more authentic so this sounds like it's just the beginning of pro play how will the future look like with you know the expansion of this moving forward for us it's basically unlimited mocap we've been building this game for a long time as we start to get more and more data in and we start to replace some of the older stuff eventually Pro play is going to be all of our in-game assets so if everything in the game is going to be driven by that technology I love that whatever happens in real life is gonna eventually be in 2K all right let's talk about the gameplay itself shooting passing dribbling defense what was the approach heading into 2K 24 with the gameplay yeah well we always have you know a huge list most of it's from the community and from the feedback that we get from all you know different sources one of the big things that we wanted to address this year was to make the game more accessible for the casual and the new players but also more skill based for the advanced players if you're shooting in like team based modes team control modes you're going to find it a lot more easy to time the shots because you know we count for the fact you have to learn all these different players while my player you know I can park and if you're playing you know you're one guy it's going to be a little more skill based than last year so I think people are going to really like the changes there what are some of the other main changes that you think players will notice the test logic is a lot better it makes a lot more sense and just shooting in general like people kind of found that they either Couldn't Shoot so they always just did the rim run thing right right boys went to the basket I think we did a lot better job with 24 trying to balance just the inside outside game and interior defense does see a lot more bulked up now every year you guys put in a lot of work what's one aspect that you are really excited about when it comes to gameplay this year like one thing you're really proud of that the fans are going to notice and when they play 24. yeah oh wow there's so many things I work on dribbling so one of the things that I love are just like all the little new moves you can do the new combos you can do this year there's a lot more dedicated signature combos so just double throws on the stick from a standard moving there's a lot new content there we added a new feature called the breakdowns and they're similar to the size of movies that we had in the past where you flick the stick and then they would you know your whole sequence of moves but we expanded those to have two types one with turbone one without turbo and the animations that you get there a lot of them are pro play animations and they're just really dynamic they get a lot of motion they get the defense moving and they're really signature and I think shooting I think shooting is going to be really well received because the you know the hardcore players are gonna love that it's truly green or Miss they're not going to miss so many full bars that they had last year I've never met a shot and didn't like Mike so I like the scoring being up because that's that's what I'm gonna be doing this year no more dribbling and point guard for me sorry team 2ktv I'm going full score mode you know mamba's on the cover so his fans get their hands on 24 are there any control changes this year to how you play the game yeah so with dribbling there's gonna be a lot um but one I want to call out is the blowout dribble so this is a small change but it's actually a huge change so it's real simple if you're moving you're driving or you're dribbling up Court usually in transition if you tap the screen trigger you'll get a nice push blob triple that you can control now in the past we've had them before and they used to be automatic but now you can control them so it's a great way just to start the brake one man break and get out there ahead of the defense the defense as well right stick defense for stealing this back we'll change the logic a lot to look at where the hand is and make sure you're still in with the correct hand at the right time so that feels a lot better I also remember one from the community feedback session uh the R1 L one on the fast break for big men is gone and you were asking the community members do you like this and they actually thought it was a creative skill Gap so yeah you know I think when you're when you first jump on the sticks it's a little bit like oh man what happened to my my easy controls but it was kind of cheesy in-house we felt it was a little bit of a crutch and so the community people confirmed it to us so I think taken out is good it's more realistic right like when you get a rebound life you don't just like blindly throw it up Court like whoever's there you have to you know gather yourself and see who's there so I think it's a good skill Gap change one of my favorite new things is the Takeover system in 5v5 or 3v3 games talk a little bit about how the Takeover system has changed for my players this year okay this is really cool I love the changes here so one thing we wanted to avoid was well it's in the past you used to be able to set your takeovers what you wanted and again we didn't want you to feel locked in it's kind of the theme with the the player builds this year and so what you do this year is when you get takeover you hit the button activated you'll see all the different categories of attributes you can boost and so basically on the Fly you choose what you want to boost in real time and you're not stuck with whatever you chose at the start of the build so it's cool like if you feel like your team needs some defense at the time you can you can boost your defense if you feel like you know you need to make some plays for other people you can boost your play making and so that's um something you can do on the Fly and we kind of modeled it after Kobe you know Kobe is like you know jack of all trades you know whatever the team needed he gave the team and so that's what we wanted to do with that I love that you can customize in the middle of the game when you earn your takeover you can kind of customize how you want to attack the opposition which is also very cobious exactly so we have the single takeover if you build your meter to the second tier that's the double takeover so that when you get to choose two categories to boost so it makes you super op and then if you want to be even more op when you unlock a Mamba mentality this is going to be the ultimate Kobe player um when you get to that second double takeover you get all of your attributes and all of your your categories boosted so when you get there it's going to be over for the other team you're going to be just taking over everything thanks again Mike for coming on and talking 2K 24 gameplay next week we're going to have Mike on to talk the badge system one of my personal favorite changes don't miss out I've heard all about my team through the Courtside reports I want your three favorite things about my team oh for you Mr Producer John Smith the first thing that I noticed from playing NBA 2k24 was the fact that it's it feels different than 23 actually you know um dribbling feels unique uh the shooting actually feels completely different like it doesn't feel super sticky compared to 23 it feels super smooth it seems very balanced like it seems like the good players are extremely good the layups seem a lot more consistent with shorter players which I think is a huge benefit to those sorts of players like Steph Curry Damien Lily to be able to take like out some big players so it's feeling good honestly they fixed a lot of the things that the community was complaining about the last year in terms of like pain defense but I like how interactive and on the go it is like if I complain about something Mike will go to his PC or computer and they'll literally fix it on the Fly and watching the game improve I enjoyed the speed of the game and the flow for sure it's a little bit faster the shot timing is a little bit better and consistent I'm really excited so far the gameplay feels really amazing real smooth I like the speed of the game right now it's a little bit faster than last year which I think a lot of people are going to like and the bill is still crazy I'm excited to make my build this year my bigger realism in the game and it feels like it guys moving towards a more realistic base so I play my team I feel like we have a little bit more fun using School guards and using more realistic NBA kind of tactics and plays and strategies this year so yeah I'll be excited it's early days but yeah I've enjoyed it so far I just dropped 38 in there earlier probably going to be 50 later on 9-3 so as long as you're timing them it's going to drop this time around it's just overall good Speed The Wolfman defensive you need to recover it's just phenomenal a cross-play there's going to be a lot of people pulling up it's coming the competition is going to be really high so I'm looking forward to that and try to be successful by creating the right build the first time around I'm a very like firm person when it comes to like knowing the community I like building a the right community so I want to keep doing that as well and you know getting people in the community like a safe place in a strong place to like you know fill up them so foreign [Applause] will this be the year that your play makes the top plays vote they're going to be out there grinding up to level 40 Alexis and who knows maybe they'll do something kind of nice deserve some Fanfare if you do submit it to us over social media using the hashtag 2ktv wow and remember all plays featured on 2ktv receive ABC prize so get out there and show us what you've got thank you there are so many changes to my team this year and here to talk about those changes is John Smith one of the producers of my team welcome to the show John hey thank you so much it's great to be here it's great to finally talk about this yes so seasons and my team are a lot different this year tell us more about them yeah I mean the biggest changes here is that there's no more time wasted doesn't matter if you're playing my career doesn't matter if you're playing my team all the XP you earn in either mode goes to the same season I actually love that because now you can decide how you want to play but get the prizes across all the modes so then you can go out there and you know hoop and level up and do your thing in my team exactly and that's the best part about it in my team now you earn XP just by playing the game doesn't matter if you win doesn't matter if you lose any game mode in my team you can just jump in start playing earning XP just like you're doing in the park and we're talking about rewards so let's talk about some Season One Rewards it's always about the rewards and the level one we're gonna get started off with LeBron James the King free agent card yes he's a Laker player but you get five games with LeBron to really kick off your entire journey in season one there's some other Laker grates in there how about an amethyst Magic Johnson he has a center but at level 40 we're with Kyrie Irving and he is such a fun card in my team every year with the dribbles playing them in triple threat and you're just not going to stay in front of him [Applause] now I know fans are excited to get into my team start collecting their favorite cards but one of the biggest changes this year is the player Market how is this going to change my team I mean the player Market is a foundational change to my team almost every player card in the game will be listed in the player Market previous years you go in and you hear hey there's a new LeBron card you have to go into the pack Market find out where he is find out which set he's in now there is a direct way to get your favorite player with a set price and add them to your collection add them to your lineup it is just an absolute Game Changer so let's talk on the court there's a new mode in my team this year salary cap tell us more about that so the way this works is that you get a salary cap and you have to build a lineup underneath that cap every card in my team is going to get a salary that you can just very easily look up and the goal here is to build a lineup the best of your abilities the most powerful item that you can build that you feel the most comfortable playing with all right this sounds interesting so what is a game like in salary cap when fans jump in there there's been nothing like this before in NBA 2k it is a two half setup you get one half to build your lead you're competing against someone you're trying your best to get ahead the second half is a fixed score ending we're adding 24 2K 24 Kobe no time limit it's the first person to get to the Target score and they get the W alright so I know myself and many other fans are excited for salary cap mode but how else can players compete this year in my team Triple Threat online co-op is back you pick your favorite NBA player card you jump onto the triple threat quartz games of 21 just like the park we're using my team cards when I'm sick of waiting for you to get online to play with us I can just jump in by myself with a new looking for group feature I can play solo Co-op by myself find some teammates and jump into games but we still have unlimited right yeah we still have unlimited it's alongside salary cap every weekend you can earn championship rings all you gotta do is get four wins in your last seven you get that championship ring get some new rewards for your my team it's a lot of fun and one of my personal favorite modes of my team from last year what about clutch time John what's that looking like this year clutch time is in the new house of Clutch the dev team here did an amazing job on this environment we got Theater seating old style opera box seating the brand new mural and of course clutch time is still a quick five-minute game four point line sudden death overtime if you need it these games are fast and fun yeah that sounds amazing now I want your three favorite things about my team oh for you Mr Producer John Smith so we have Coach boost these are brand new each coach card has a unique trigger and ability so not only are coach cards they can boost your attributes a little bit they can also boost badges you got a couple extra ones that we're not revealing quite yet ah I'm making lineups is very important in my team and this year we have even more tools to help you auto fill the lineup you know my favorite you can randomize and just pick random cards from your collection and play with that team this is a fun little initial the deck a little bit or just play with all Celtics players which is what you should do anyway and then the last thing we have a new prize called the shattered prize basically you've found this card or some other prize that's shattered and you have to search the mode to try to find all the little pieces to put it back together and John of course when fans go out there and complete the Mamba moments challenge this year they will earn some rewards from my team talk about those you get an exclusive Jersey you get a 99 overall free agent Kobe card which just absolutely destroys everyone on the court as he did let's go and you get a special amethyst Kobe head coach card this coach card boosts your blinders badge for all the players on your lineup it's super powerful coach card John thanks so much for dropping all this knowledge right here on 2K TV hey excited for the 2K Community to finally get their hands on this mode see what we've been working on all year and as coach of team 2ktv I'm excited for us to get out there in my team this year and we will see you out there as well can we replace her with another coach card I think we have to get a win first oh yeah that's true that's true foreign [Applause] the first wild moment I had with 24 we were just playing in the wreck I had 23 boards on a big man so it was definitely a lot of fun to go out there and just hoop and just compete I love doing it for me playing playing bar uh you got locks that everybody want to bless you want to steal the ball from you but now I can bait that I can bait somebody trying to Bliss me and it's it's a crazy feature you can cancel anytime so it adds to a whole new diversity of the game that I never thought to kick into you can truly see just the different animations that you get now defensively within the pain um some crazy snatch blocks Etc so um yeah it was exciting what's been most exciting for me has really been the bulldozer badge uh just kind of seeing the animations that you can trigger uh on the perimeter kind of driving inside there's a bunch of new animation content which kind of makes those drives a little bit more dynamic in real time than I would say in years past that I really like I run a lot of plays and I noticed that the moving shots like off of a screen and I'm catching the ball the animations are real quick and like playing with a guy like Tyler hero last year I couldn't do anything with them this year he's amazing the competition between PlayStation and S Plus has been going on you know it's just the Customs came out so to put those communities together we could really find out who's the best now defense this year oh man it feels so good just the interior the big men's how they're able to chase down the blocks just everything just about the game just feels different it does not feel the same at all from the dribbling from the shooting to the the new shocking test system just everything about the game just feels great and you could really tell that was a lot of hard work and dedication put into the game [Applause] we are just getting started 2K TV's back weekly check here every Friday 4 P.M Pacific time we'll be bringing you game updates tips on improving your game and showcasing you the NBA 2K Community we have so much planned for this special 10th season of NBA 2K TV It's All About You the fans the community 25 years of 2K and 10 seasons of NBA 2ktv it's awesome and we hope you are making some great Kobe memories in NBA 2k 24 jump into Mamba moments and follow us online and share your best plays we're at NBA2K underscore 2K TV until then enjoy the game Kobe