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NBA 2K21 Shooting Comparison

Video Transcript:
what you guys can expect so without further ado let's jump into the video [Music] first off i want to start by saying thank you to those who continuously show support to the subscribers of our website and our channel and to anyone who watches our videos in general the support in the last year has been crazy and we honestly can't thank you guys enough so thank you so much and with that being said we've made improvements to help fuel the content for our channel and this offseason we tripled our automated data collection stations from 4 to 12 and added two new people to the team to help run them so this should help us get content out a lot faster and more consistently so the first step to this whole process was to train our automated systems to recognize the difference between a green make a white make and a miss since 2k 21 looks pretty similar to 2k20 the process required very little tweaking from last year but the model requires at least 12 hours of processing pictures of whites greens and misses before it can accurately recognize them while we waited for the model to train itself we started collecting jump shot speeds and green windows and so far what we found is there seems to be two jumpers that stand out above the rest in terms of speed this year and that data will be on the premium side of the site today or tomorrow roughly but this video specifically here is to talk about green windows we'll soon have info on using no meter and eventually this shot stick but these will be in a later video and just to mention for those who haven't seen it or used it we have an updated player creator tool on our website it's free so if you're interested you can compare builds side by side so if you're on the fence about your my player this can help figure things out now we're about to jump into the base 38 chart so as you can see the timing of the shot in 2k 21 is almost identical to 2k20 but the green window has been drastically reduced by 17 milliseconds when using the shoot button with the meter you can also see how it compares to base 77 which also saw a reduced window but not nearly to the same extent most of the green windows we've seen in general have been smaller some are much smaller others not so much but if you feel like you can't shoot right now it's because shooting is definitely harder than it was last year which leads me to believe that 2k 21 could have a large skill gap if they keep shooting the same all that is just an overview for what we got going on this year if you made it to the end of the video i need you to spam lab gang in the comments let us know you're still rocking with us for 2k 21 i could tell it's going to be a big year man i can't wait to see what's in store so until next time guys catch you in the next video