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NBA2k has been notoriously quiet about the effects of their badges making users, including us, question whether they are worth grinding for. We have attempted to eliminate as many variables as possible to run tests on the more influential badges. Our goal is to find the advantages that having badges provides. Finally, it is our plan to update the site as frequently as possible with new tests.


All NBA2k tests have been completed on All-Star difficulty in an attempt to recreate the Pro-Am and MyPark environments. More tests are coming weekly and we are wide open to suggestions. Send test requests to us on Twitter @nba2klab, email us at support@nba2klab.com or send us a message on Reddit /u/nba2klab


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Update 1.7

Everything there is to know about Legend Takeover

What’s coming?

So with the next update we plan to add tests on Pick & Roll Maestro and Pick & Popper. We want to know what effect each badge has individually as well as knowing whether they work together.

NBA2k Shoutouts

We want to give a big thank you to /u/upvotd for the new site logo and YouTube banner. Be sure to check out his YourPlayer Reddit posts for a fun alternative to MyPlayer.

Also, we want to thank the people that have donated so far to help us cover our start up costs. We would love to break even on this project. If you donate be sure to send us a message afterward with any requests that you have and we will make them a priority for the next site update.

What can I do to improve my player right now?

A simple thing you can do to improve your player quickly yet significantly is set your hot spots in a myplayer game. The percentage of green releases increases significant in hot spots. To do this start a game and shoot in the same spot over and over on rookie difficulty until there is a red ring under your player indicating you are in a hot zone.

The next most important thing you can do is get Defensive Stopper. This badge will lower the badge rating of every one of your matchups offensive badges. This is a huge difference. There are a number of good youtube videos with advice on the best way to get this badge.