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Struggling with shooting in NBA2k19? Become a Premium member today to get the best jumpshots in the game! Once you are a member, you can view all of our data below. All the data is collected via our modded controller so it is 100% accurate. YouTubers may give you their opinion on the “best shots” based on their feeling, but we have the hard numbers to back it up. Any member can DM us on Twitter if they have any questions about the data given.


Account Details

View subscription details, account status, expiration date, reset password and more.
Order Valium Online Canada

Jumpshot Data

All of our jumpshot info for standing, moving, and post shots. The jumper data found here applies to both the base of a custom jump shot and the standard jump shot forms.

Valium Prescriptions Online

Green Light Game

Practice the timing of your jump shot on our site via the Green Light Game. Timings will match the exact timing of your controller in the park or ProAm. App version coming in 2k19.

Valium Online Next Day Delivery


Hand Cam and Step by Step instructions on how to use some of the most effective dribble moves in the game.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Tablets Uk