Deciding on what to do with your wingspan is one of our most common questions. Because of this we have introduced a page dedicated to it. Based on the tests we have run so far we have come to the conclusion that for almost all archetypes you should max it. The benefit to shot contests and rebounding greatly outweighed the damage to shooting percentage. We will continue to add tests to this page as we go forward that may cause us to change our opinion on it.

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We attempted 100 dunks with each Max, Min and Default wingspans. We only counted the attempt when a dunk animation was achieved. We used the same test setup from the dunking page with the only variable being wingspan.

Wingspan Success Rate
Max 43%
Default 37%
Min 34%

Shot Contest

For this test we used a 6’9 shooter and contested shots with players that were 6’7, 6’9 and 6’11. We took 200 jumpers with each. The table below shows the data for a player the same height, 2 inches shorter, and 2 inches taller than our shooter. As you can see the effect is significant.

Height Wingspan Shooting %
+2 inches Max 14.5%
+2 inches Default 21.5%
+2 inches Min 27%
Even Max 17.5%
Even Default 29%
Even Min 31%
-2 inches Max 20%
-2 inches Default 32.5%
-2 inches Min 36%



Wingspan proved to have a significant effect on winning 50/50 rebounds. We took enough jumpers to produce 200 50/50 rebound attempts. The results are below. As you can see maxing your wingspan will lead to an increase in the number of rebounds that you can expect to grab. If you have already been to the rebounding page you may notice that wingspan had a more significant effect than rating or badge levels when it came to winning 50/50 rebounds.

Wingspan Rebounds Won
Max 68.5%
Min 31.5%



All stats being equal the 3 point rating of our shooter was a 72 with a maximum span and a 74 with a minimum. We took 400 jumpers with each player. The play creation screen says that there will be a negative impact on your shooting ability but we wanted to find out how much.

Wingspan Shooting %
Max 52.75%
Min 54.5%

What to expect in the future

We are planning on adding Wingspans effect on dunking in our next update. If you have suggestions for wingspan test please get in contact with us and we will see about getting them added.