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I'm Nick. I have been playing NBA 2K competitively since NBA 2K11. On 2K17 my team (Still Trill) won the Road To The All Star Pro Am Tournament for 250,000$. As one of the best shooters in the 2k League I will be able to help you learn to create space and shoot like a 2k League pro. I also play MyTeam and Play Now at a high level and would love to help you improve your game play in those game modes.

Here is a link to when i played gamebattles you can see my past NBA 2K records on it. http://profile.majorleaguegaming.com/Swizurk-/?mlg_source=header

***For any package you buy i will give you all my in game settings, jumpshot, animations etc***

If you have any questions contact me on twitter @Swizurk or email me [email protected]


Creating Space

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