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Hey guys! I'm Nate Kahl, former member of the Championship Knicks Gaming Team, and current member of NetsGc in the NBA2K League as well as a member of the pro am team Island Gang. My whole 2K career I've always prided myself in understanding all of the elements it takes to be a great defender no matter where I'm located on the floor. I feel like I can help you get your defense right on all aspects of 2K, first off on ball defense, but also what to look for when studying player tendencies before and in the game itself. I've done all of this and more both in and out of the league, and I'd be more than happy to help you out and make you the best defender you could be!


Perimeter Defense

Post Defense

Understanding when and when not to reach (the game within the game)

Learning Player Tendencies (What and what not to look for in game)

Cut concepts from corners and wings offensively (how exactly to make the perfect read)

Film Breakdown


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