The following tool shows the stat increase received when a player activates takeover. In addition to these boosts, takeover also unlocks additional animations relevant to the takeover badge you have selected.

The ratings in the chart show +5 and +10 attribute point boosts to each category. Players with natural ratings in the 90s will still see a +10 boost which can exceed the normal 99 cap. For example, a player with a 99 3 point rating that activates shooting takeover will see their rating increase to 109.





Sharp Shooting


Shot Creating

Post Scoring

Rim Protector

AttributeStat Increase
Driving Layup 10
Standing Dunk 10
Driving Dunk 10
Close Shot 10
Mid Range 5
Three Point Shot 5
Free Throw 5
Post Hook 5
Post Fade 5
Post Moves 5
Draw Foul 10
Shot IQ 10
Pass Accuracy 5
Ball Handling 10
Speed with Ball 0
Hands 5
Passing IQ 5
Vision 5
Offensive Consistency 10
Interior Defense 5
Perimeter Defense 5
Steal 5
Block 5
Offensive Rebound 5
Defensive Rebound 5
Lateral Quickness 0
Help Defense 5
Pass Perception 5
Defensive Consistency 5
Speed 10
Acceleration 0
Strength 10
Vertical 10
Stamina 0
Hustle 5
Potential 0
Durability 5
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