Shooting badges are the most common and effective badges in the game. Every MyPlayer should have Corner Specialist and Catch and Shoot at bronze at the very least.

Corner Specialist | Deadeye | Difficult Shots

Limitless Range

For limitless range we took 250 jumpers from a step behind the 3 point line and 250 jumpers from the hash mark. If you are a sharpshooter without HOF limitless range you are making a mistake. The results are below.

One Step Out

Badge Level Make %
HOF 58.8%
Gold 50.8%
Bronze 32.4%
None 20%

Hash Mark

Badge Level Make %
HOF 57%
Gold 45.6%
Bronze 22.8%
None 14.4%

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Corner Specialist

Everyone knows that Corner Specialist is a must have badge due to how easy it is to get but we wanted to prove exactly how much of an advantage it provided, especially bronze over not having it at all. For this test we took 400 corner shots per badge level.

Badge Shooting % Green %
Hall of Fame 66.75% 53.5%
Gold 63.25 41%
Bronze 63% 32.5%
None 61.25% 29.75%

Difficult Shots

For difficult shots we took 200 pull shots with Hall of Fame, Gold, Bronze, and no Difficult Shots badge. We used a shot creator with max attributes to attempt these.

Badge Level Make % Green %
Hall of Fame 65% 40.5%
Gold 61% 36%
Bronze 55.5% 33%
None 43% 17.5%



For this test we created 5 identical jump shooters with 90 contested 3 point rating. We only counted jumper with a good contest that were taken straight in front of the basket. We took 300 jumpers with each badge level.

Badge Make %
Hall of Fame 32.67%
Gold 29.33%
Bronze 25.5%
None 22.67%