For these tests we are controlling the amount of time the shoot button is pressed down to the millisecond(mS). We are taking these measures to figure out which jump shot has the widest zone to achieve a green release (green window). All shots are taken in a hot zone with a 91 3pt and mid-range rating.

You will also notice that a release inside the green range does not guarantee a green release. The center of each green range will give you the highest % of green releases and as you get further towards the edge of the green window the % decreases.

Form Green Range Green Window
High School 1 519mS – 545mS 26mS
Carmelo 487mS – 514mS 27mS
Aldridge 469mS – 501mS 32mS
Form 3pt Green % 3pt Make %
High School 1 81% 90%
Carmelo 72% 82%
Aldridge 81% 92%
Form 2pt Green % 2pt Make %
High School 1 84% 91%
Carmelo 88% 98%
Aldridge 80% 90%