The obvious first choice when testing passing badges is Dimer so that is where we started. Dimer is a serious grind to get to Hall of Fame and was a common request that we would receive because of the amount of effort required.


We wanted to test to see how the different levels of dimer effected shooting percentages. We used Stockton for HoF, Rondo for Gold, Teague for Bronze, and Oladipo for none. Jimmy Butler and Lebron were used because they had the same shooting stats. We shot 1000 3 point shots after a pass from each badge. You can see the video below as an example of how we ran the test. The results from the test went about as expected. We believe that they prove that Hall of Fame dimer is worth putting in the effort.

Badge Level Shot %
Hall of Fame 63.8%
Gold 58.3%
Bronze 56.1%
None 52.5%

Hall of Fame Dimer takes 1200 assists in a season to get. Don’t want to put in the effort? Contact our badge grinding partners at 2kGoatGrinders. Give them the Promo Code 2kLab and they will give you 10% off!

What we found from this test

From this test we can safely say that the grind for Hall of Fame Dimer is absolutely worth it. The shooting percentage increase of over 5% is very significant in the park. An added benefit of Hall of Fame dimer is that it can allow a user to get a green release from a cold zone. Based on our tests in the past green releases are impossible in cold zones unless aided by badges. We also believe, but have not yet proven, that increasing your dimer rating decreases the likelihood that the recipient of the pass will fumble the ball around.

Future Passing Tests

We currently have plans for testing Pick and Roll Maestro as well as Lob City Passer and Break Starter. We are also attempting to come up with a test that will attempt to prove whether moving while passing has a significant negative effect. You can expect these in future updates. If you have other suggestions please get in touch with us.