This hotzone test was completed after patch 4 and we were not able to prove exactly what hotzones do this year. We will continue to research hotzones to try to find tangible numbers on what they do.

Release Green Window Green % White Make %
Normal Zone
Perfect 31mS 55% 11%
Early 31mS 0% 44.5%
Late 31mS 0% 43.5%
Hot Zone
Perfect 31mS 54% 12%
Early 31mS 0% 49%
Late 31mS 0% 47.5%

Why am I missing wide open white releases?

Testing with our modded controller that generates perfect releases provides an explanation for why people are missing wide open full white releases. If you are familiar with the green window concept you can skip to the next paragraph. If you are new to the site, every shot has a window of time in milliseconds that it is possible to get a green release. This amount of time various based on the jumper form you are using. Some jumpers have a much shorter amount of time before their first possible green, these are your quick jump shots, and some have a much longer amount of time before their first possibility for being green, making them slow.

We test jump shots at the very center of their green window. We do this by calculating their latest possible green release and their earliest possible green release and add those numbers together and divide by 2. This puts us directly in the center of the green window and gives us the absolute highest possibility of a green release.

We are going to assume 3 things for the rest of this explanation, a 3 point rating of 92, the shooter is wide open and you took a standing shot. When testing jumpers at this perfect release point we are seeing a range of 45-65% of the perfectly released shots being green depending on the jumper form. However, while taking these measurements we are literally hitting 0% white releases. This means after a certain 3 point rating, which we have not found yet, you can have a perfect release on a wide open shot and if it is not a green it WILL NOT go in.

I am sure many of you are thinking that you have hit a full white jumper and that our test is wrong. There is likely one of a few things in play here. Your rating is below the threshold that perfect releases are always green, you were slightly contest, you were moving, or you did not truly hit a FULL white bar.

However, this does not mean that the shooting is broken in any way. The chart below is a very basic illustration of what is going on.

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2k17 Results

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