Use the following tool to view the attribute boosts for your Primary and Secondary Takeover.

The data for this tool comes from LakerFan's video below. The best way to thank him for getting this data is to subscribe to his channel and like his video.

Takeover Tool

Primary Takeover

Advanced Gathers

Finishing Moves

Easy Blowbys

Extreme Clamps

Perimeter Badge Drop

Enhanced Jumpshot Contests

Boxout Wall

See the Future

Glass Clearing Dimes

Limitless Range

Spot Up Precision

Team Ratings Boost

Team Takeover Boost

Team Badge Boost

Pull-Up Precision

Ankle Breaking Shots

Negative Impact

Advanced Post Moves

Post Playmaking

Post Shot Daggers

Power Backdowns

Stuff Blocks

Paint Intimidation

Interior Badge Drop

Primary: Advanced Gathers

Unlocks more effective spin, euro, hop step, cradle gathers

AttributeStat Increase
Driving Layup 8
Standing Dunk 8
Driving Dunk 8
Close Shot 8
Mid Range 5
Three Point Shot 5
Free Throw 5
Post Hook 5
Post Fade 5
Post Control 5
Draw Foul 8
Shot IQ 8
Pass Accuracy 5
Ball Handle 8
Speed with Ball 8
Hands 5
Pass IQ 5
Pass Vision 5
Offensive Consistency 8
Interior Defense 5
Perimeter Defense 5
Steal 5
Block 5
Offensive Rebound 5
Defensive Rebound 5
Lateral Quickness 5
Help Defense 5
Pass Perception 5
Defensive Consistency 5
Speed 8
Acceleration 8
Strength 8
Vertical 8
Stamina 5
Intangibles 5
Hustle 5
Potential 5
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