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Discount Valium Online, Order Roche Valium Online

Discount Valium Online, Order Roche Valium Online



PS4 Movers of the Day



Today’s Lab Value

Xbox: Coming Soon

PS4: Coming Soon

Buy Diazepam Belfast

Lab Value is how we remove outliers and auctions that did not have bids on them because they are overpriced. To determine Lab Value we take the cheapest 25% of the cards final sale price (not BIN) and we find the average value of those cards. This ensures cards with artificially high prices (100k MT emerald that didn’t sell e.g.) are not factored into our Lab Value.

Buy Genuine Diazepam Online

Supporting our auction house project by signing up for premium will unlock these additional charts:

  • Volume sold by hour of the day
  • Lab Value by hour of the day
  • Lab Value vs Average BIN price by hour of the day

In addition, premium will allow you to enter our weekly Buy Diazepam and gets you access to the card Order Valium Online Canada that will allow you to pick cards whose jump shots all have the same timing, making shooting easier. Sign up to support this project and future projects like these.

Valium Prescriptions Online

Valium Online Next Day Delivery

We have set up a network of Xbox’s and PS4’s that run 24/7 scanning the auction houses and recording data points. While we cannot guarantee that we are recording every single auction we can say that we are collecting hundreds of thousands of data points each week.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Tablets Uk

If you are looking for information about badges, attributes, hot zones and tendencies check out Cheapest Uk Valium. If you are looking to discuss the card is with other MyTeam players check out the forums at Buying Valium Online In Australia.

Recent Completed Auctions

Average Value per Hour, Average Volume Sold per Hour and Buy Now Price per Hour charts restricted to premium members

Steals of the Day