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    The tool exists here: https://www.nba2klab.com/nba-2k19-premium-attribute-caps/ Please reply to this post if you see anything incorrect in the tool.



    There is aan error that shows that there is a 63 point difference in rebounding between two sharpshooting playmakers just an inch different in height. Also shows green for 70 and red for 71 attribute rating when compared to each other



    Is this only Pg? No option for SG



    SG’s are coming. Centers will be next though, then probably SFs


    Trevor Hilberdink

    I found an error with a 6’6 pure shot creator min wingspan min weight. It shows a standing dunk of 88 and a contact dunk of 85. To put that in perspective, a pure slasher with the same physical measurements has 71 standing and 68 contact dunk.



    Putting this on here so I don’t forget. Playmaking Shot creator 6’4 Ball control and Post Offense is off


    Logan Gouthiere

    6’6 post scoring shot creator
    Default weight
    Min wingspan has higher steals than default 78 is definitely too high


    Carson Schwartzhoff

    I believe that there is a mistake with the moving mid range shot on pure athletic power forwards, 6’10”, Max weight and wingspan


    Seb Crow

    Play shot 6‘5 ball control is wrong


    Adam Lorenz

    Just curious I was looking at your recommended builds and put in the 6’4″ playmaking shot creator and when I’m in the premium attribute tool when the wing span is set to minimum versus default the ball control is showing higher on the default wing, I felt like shorter wingspan meant better ball control.



    Moving mid-range of pure athletic PF is 90


    David Jones

    I am comparing SF lockdowns at 6’10. When I choose min. wingspan for one of the builds it moves you to 80 ovr for speed with ball which is +20 from what is shown on default.


    Sam Fatungase

    There is an error with 6’9 SF Defender/Slasher max weight and arms. The block attribute is a 99 but it goes back down to 91 on a 6’10?


    Trey Lowery

    Shot creating primary post scoring secondary at default wingspan has 89 shot contest at any height. Minimum and max wingspan have accurate shot contest ratings



    6’4 pg pure sharp vs 6’3 pg pure sharp. both min. weight and span. 6’4 has 9 less contested mid. even a 6’5 has 10 less contested mid. either those are correct and the 6’3 stats are just wrong or something.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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