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    I mainly play park with one friend (a Pure Post Scorer C) in 3vs3. No matter what build I am playing, I always find myself having to fill the role of the ballhandler and playmaker (even if I am a Stretch) because of the random teammates.

    I like to dribble and make plays, drive, shoot and love to play defense. So today I decided that maybe some kind of Point Forward would be good for me (I play better with taller players so no guards). Experimenting in the My Career creation I came across this Two-Way Point Forward: 6’7″ 185 lbs minimum wingspan. He cap at 86 ball control, 81 speed with ball, 80+ layups, 72 driving dunk, 78 open mid, 76 open three, 76 steal, 66 block, 80 vertical, 86 lateral quickness, 88 speed, 86 acceleration and 60 strength. Thoughts?

    Should I just commit to a 6’8″ Pure Point Forward and rely solely on IQ to play D? How is the dunking and the shooting in this one? The Two-Way even gets bronze Corner.

    How good is a 6’10” Pure Point Forward? And a Slashing Point Forward? Maybe I should be a Playmaking Shot Creator?

    Thank you!

    P.S. 1: I loved my 6’7″ Outside PG from 2k16 and that is the player I would like to replicate.

    P.S. 2:Sorry for the long post.

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    • This topic was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by  Panic_ADRIMAN.
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