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    **Work in Progress**

    In our attempt to try and reduce the clutter from similar questions being asked, here is our attempt at putting together a list of answers to the most common questions that are asked. Since non premium users can see the questions but not the replies, I will have all answers that give premium details in the 1st comment to this thread.

    1. Which base should I use?
    We have created a tool for our premium members that suggest our favorite bases in the game. Really the 3 point rating and shot speed are the only determining factors in the tool since the archetype doesn’t really matter. Please use this link to find the tool https://www.nba2klab.com/recommend-a-jumper/

    2. Which release should I use?
    The release doesn’t really do anything except for changing the visual look of the shot, except for using a higher release does help with contested shots. We have a small section on that at the bottom of this page. https://www.nba2klab.com/2k19-jumper-bases/ This also gives the highest releases we have found.

    3. Are you sure releases don’t change shot speed?
    Yes I am sure

    4. What is the best archetype?
    So not every archetype fits every person. We have created a list of what we think are the “best” archetypes. Yes it could be missing some or you could play very well with a different archetype. We have consulted with a lot of the top Pro Am/2KLeague guys on this list. https://www.nba2klab.com/recommended-builds-2/

    5. What do Hotzones do?
    In past 2ks (2k17 especially) Hotzones were essential to have everywhere on the court. They would make any build have the ability to shoot 65%+ from the corner. From our testing, they do not increase the green window, make percentage in the middle of or at the edge of the green window, or green percentage. We tried with moving shots, standing shots, and anything we could think of. It seems like they don’t do anything.

    6. Was my Jumpshot patched?
    It’s pretty rare that 2K actually patches individual jumpshots. If anything, they change the sliders for certain gamemodes. This would mean that the best jumpshot before a hotfix would still be the best afterwards even if you aren’t shooting as well. We do retest a sample of shots every Monday and after every major patch to see if anything has changed. We will let everyone know if we see a major difference.

    7. Should I use different shots for different game modes?
    Personally I would stick with the same shot. The timing can feel different between different modes. Especially from career to online modes. The latency is different every game you play when online. Some days/parks/players cause it to be worse than others which can really mess with shooting.

    8. Why am I missing so many full bars?
    So the shot meter lies a little bit. A full bar is actually slightly after the green window. And its generally better to be early than it is to be late. So pay attention to your shot feedback and make sure you aren’t late We have found the meter by your feet to be a little more accurate than the one by your head. If you are comfortable with your shot, i’d recommend ignoring the meter and watching for your shot cue (generally a wrist flick)

    List is a work in progress. Please post any questions you see a lot of and I will try to get it added on here

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