Tutorials | NBA 2K22

Advanced Handcam Dribble Tutorial

Learn our 3 favorite NBA 2k22 dribble signatures with Splashy from Jazz Gaming.

How to Stop Left Right Cheese in 2k22

Here we go over our best tips for defending players who rely on left right movement to get open with Wolf from Pacers Gaming.

Close Shot Attribute. What does close shot Do in NBA 2k22 ?

Is the close shot stat useful in NBA 2k22? Do I need close shot in 2k22? What Builds need close shot in 2k22?

How to Get Badges Fast in NBA 2K22: Finishing and Defense

Our best methods for grinding defense and finishing experience.

How to Dunk and Trigger Best Dunk Animations

Here is our NBA 2k22 dunk meter breakdown and tutorial.

How to do Post Moves in 2K22 : The Basics

Learn How to Do Post Moves in NBA 2K22 from 2 Time 2kLeague Pro Center DayFri.

How to get Shooting Badges Fast. NBA 2K22 How to get Playmaking Badges Fast

Our best methods for grinding NBA 2k22 shooting and playmaking experience in MyCareer.

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