Lucky 7 Badge | NBA 2K22

Lucky 7 Badge

The first thing we looked at with this badge in NBA 2k22 was how to activate Lucky 7. The badge description in the game says the badge is active for the first 7 seconds of a possession but does that timer reset after a foul or dead ball? If I inbound the ball with 14 on the clock after a foul are the next 7 seconds boosted?

Lucky 7 Badge Description

Lucky #7 Gives a boost to mid-range or three point attempts within the first seven seconds of a possession.

Lucky 7 Unlock Levels

Bronze 156 3pt Shot / Midrange
Silver 369 3pt Shot / Midrange
Gold 577 3pt Shot / Midrange
Gold 482 3 pt Shot
HoF 786 Midrange
HoF 686 3pt Shot
HoF 693 Midrange
HoF 596 3pt Shot / Midrange

2k22 How to Shoot with Lucky 7 Badge

After figuring out how to trigger Lucky #7 scripting a test was already done for us. We were able to reuse our premium jumper automated script since this is just a simple jumpshot test. We used this script to take 200 shots every 10 ms for a 50mS range throughout the green window while using the Lucky 7 badge. The results are below.

CP3 outlet to lucky 7 badge 3 point attempt

How good is Lucky 7 in 2k22 ?

The return here is pretty good. Especially for a single badge point to get it to bronze.


A Tier

Great for fastbreaks or quick shots after inbounds in park but thats the only time it can be used. Only applicable for maybe a fourth of the game. Solid return for a single badge point.

Recommended Level: Bronze


B Tier

Great for fast breaks but the increased court sized makes it useless in almost every other situation.

Recommended Level: Bronze

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