Limitless Spot Up Badge | NBA 2K22

Limitless Spot Up Badge

The season 2 update has changed the way limitless range activates.

Our first goal with the 2k22 Limitless Spot Up badge was to figure out exactly how to activate Limitless Spot Up reliably. This video has all the details on how to trigger Limitless Spot Up. The content for this badge is the first half of the Chef video from below.

Limitless Spot Up Description

Limitless Spot-Up Gives a boost to the range that a player can effectily shoot standing three point shots.

Limitless Spot Up Unlock Levels

Bronze 162 3pt Shot
Silver 372 3pt Shot
Gold 582 3pt Shot
Gold 484 3 pt Shot
HoF 686 3pt Shot
HoF 596 3pt Shot

NBA 2k22 How to Trigger Limitless Spot Up

With the season 2 patch the activation for limitless spot up has changed. The catch and shoot requirement has been removed. Now it will activate on any standing shot taken after being stationary for 1 second. You can dribble during this time as long as you remain stationary.

As of season 2 this badge no longer stacks with catch and shoot or set shooter. The season 2 update has made this badge a little more usable.

2k22 Damian Lillard Limitless


B Tier

Only for off ball shooters. With the increase in range required and the catch and shoot requirement the frequency of this badge triggering is down this year. With less players on the court than 5v5 the additional spacing created isn't a requirement.

Recommended Level: Gold


A Tier

If you're an offball sharp you need Limitless Spot Up. Otherwise, you're probably ok to skip it. Someone on the squad needs to be running this so it is A tier.

Recommended Level: Hall of Fame

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