NBA 2K22 How to Shoot

2k22 How to Shoot: Green Window and Premium Jumper Comparison

Here is a comparison of jumper Base 38 vs the Dwyane Wade jumper base on Current gen 2k22 and Next Gen 2k22.

Do Hot and Cold Zones Matter in 2k22 ?

Do I need hot zones in nba 2k22?

Perimeter Defense in 2k22

Does shot contest really matter? How much of a difference does perimeter defense make?

How to Shoot with Low 3 point rating

What shooting badges should I equip with my low 3 point rating?

Learn To Shoot with Cues

2k22 Jumper Cue Breakdowns: How to shoot with cues

What 3 Point Rating Do I Need ?

2k22 Comparison of 3 point ratings at every attribute level. Best nba 2k22 video for deciding what 3 point attribute you need.

Best Shooting Badges 2k22 + Best Playmaking Badges 2k22

2k22 Top 5 Shooting + Playmaking Badges

Current Gen Patch Jumper Before and After Comparison

In this video we analyze the impact of the most recent patch on shooting on current gen.

Green Every Shot: No Meter or Meter ?

Should you be playing NBA 2k22 Meter off or Meter on? Is the NBA 2k22 Shot Meter needed? Should your Next Gen or current gen jump shot meter be on?

Shooting Tips for Centers: Height Does Not Slow Your Shot

Is my Top NBA 2k22 Center Build using a the right speed jump shot? Do center builds in NBA 2k22 have slower shots than shorter players?

Fastest Jumpshot: Green Windows & Jumpshot Speed Tips

Green windows and make percentages for very quick through very slow custom jump shots from the 2k22 custom jump shot builder. What custom base speed should I be using for NBA 2k22?

Best Shooting Tips : Stamina on Shooting

Here we check how much of a negative impact low stamina has on your shooting.

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