NBA 2k22 Badge Unlock Levels

NBA 2K22 Badge Unlock Levels

* Cs Do Not Qualify
** Cs and PFs Do Not Qualify
*** PGs Do Not Qualify
BadgeAttributeHeightBronze Cost: 1Silver Cost: 3Silver Cost: 2Gold Cost: 5Gold Cost: 4Gold Cost: 3HoF Cost: 7HoF Cost: 6HoF Cost: 5
Fast TwitchClose Shot5466758492
Giant SlayerClose Shot6'5 or Shorter70788694
Grace Under PressureClose Shot637484879396
Hook SpecialistClose Shot718090919396
Mouse In The HouseClose Shot6'4 or Taller5067808492
Pro TouchClose Shot5365738188
Putback BossClose Shot52647280
Limitless TakeoffDriving Dunk607483869296
Lob City FinisherDriving Dunk55708595
PosterizerDriving Dunk70809099
Putback BossDriving Dunk47586573
Slithery FinisherDriving Dunk6'10 or Shorter61738291
UnstrippableDriving Dunk4055718590
AcrobatDriving Layup6'10 or Shorter657787899597
Fearless FinisherDriving Layup718089919799
Giant SlayerDriving Layup6'5 or Shorter70788694
Mouse In The HouseDriving Layup6'4 or Taller66768897
Pro TouchDriving Layup5365738188
Slithery FinisherDriving Layup6'10 or Shorter61748493
Tear DropperDriving Layup516270737884
UnstrippableDriving Layup40557090
Backdown PunisherPost Control6'4 or Taller566876788588
Dream ShakePost Control475866717480
DropstepperPost Control6'0 or Taller536573768185
Post Spin TechnicianPost Control556775778488
Fast TwitchStanding Dunk5466758492
Lob City FinisherStanding Dunk5570859596
PosterizerStanding Dunk70809099
Putback BossStanding Dunk46576573
Rise UpStanding Dunk6'4 or Taller657584879597
UnstrippableStanding Dunk40557090
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