Hot Zones

Hot and Cold Zones

To test the effectiveness of Hot Zones, Cold Zones and Neutral Zones we set our automated script to run 200 shot samples every 5 milliseconds for a 100 millisecond range for Base 3. For context the yellow bar on the shot meter is roughly 115 milliseconds long. We found the center of the green window for Base 3 then went 50 mS in both directions taking samples.

As you can see from the charts the boost for Hot Zones is much better in 2k21 than it was in 2k20. Having your hot zones is a must.

Reading the Chart

The graph shows the speed of the shot in milliseconds along the bottom axis and the make percentage on the left axis. The data points represent the make % out of 200 shot attempts for that specific speed.

The Blue line shows the cold make percentage and the orange line shows the hot Make percentage and gray is neutral zones.

Video Explaination

Hot Zones Vs Cold Zones

90 Rating

75 Rating

mS = milliseconds or 1/1000th of a second so 500mS is equivalent to half a second.
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