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2k17 Archive


X/square vs Stick

A common request is players wanting to know what advantage shooting with the stick provides. We compared a good release with the stick to a slightly off release of the stick to a good release with X/Square.

Type % of releases that were green % of White Releases that went in
Stick with Good Release 72.5% 84%
X / Square 70% 60%
Stick with slightly off release 67.5% 57%

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3 Point Rating effect on Deep 2s

We received a donor request to determine whether 3 point rating had an effect on deep twos. The shooter pictured below has a 99 3 point rating and a 25 2 point rating. You can see from the increase in shooting bar size that 3 point rating does have an effect on deep 2s.

Shooting Midrange Jumper rating at the Elbow Extended
Shooting Midrange jumper rating at the Elbow
Shooting Three pointer rating

Standing Mid-range effect on Moving mid-range shots

For this test we took 400 moving mid-range shots with a 99 standing mid-range rating and 400 with a 25 standing mid-range. The shooting % came out within 1.2% of each other leading us to believe that standing mid-range has no effect on moving mid-range jumpers. You can see the process in the video below.



Jumpshot Forms

All of our jumpers have been retaken post patch 1.07. All jumpers were taken from the same spot on the floor by the same person. There were 250 attempts with each jumper form.

Name Makes Greens
Klay Thompson 87% 62.4%
Damien Lillard 91.4% 70.8%
Lamarcus Aldridge 69.8% 47.6%
Paul George 86% 56.4%
Kobe 84% 56.2%
Billups 82.8% 54.2%
Rudy Gay 81.6% 60.2%
Kyrie 88.8% 64.6%
John Wall 89.2% 72%
Harden 90.2% 68.8%
Bosh 74.4% 59.2%
Carmelo Anthony 78.6% 38.2%
Kevin Garnett 84% 50.2%
High School 1 88.2% 67.8%
Michael Jordan 81.6% 57.2%
Curry 88.6% 61.2%
Duckworth 79.8% 58%


3 Pointer Ratings

We took 500 uncontested 3 point shots at each different rating

Rating Shooting Percentage
65 36.2%
70 51.6%
75 55%
80 62.2%
85 67%
90 74.8%


Hot and Cold Zones

We took 500 Jumpers in a hot zone, 500 in a cold zone and 500 in neither.

Cold/Hot Zone

Zone Make % Green %
Hot 70.4% 70%
Normal 62.6% 29.8%
Cold 40% 0%


Standing vs Moving Shot 3

All of these attempts are taken with a standing 3 ratings of 80 and a 80 moving 3 rating. We took 500 of each moving shot.

Type Make % Green %
Standing 62.2% 52.4%
Step Back 48.8% 11.2%
Pull Up 51% 10.6%
Running 44.8% 9.2%


Left Handed vs Right Handed

For this test we attempted 400 shots with each hand

Hand Make % Green %
Left 65.5% 39.25%
Right 64.25% 43.75%

Limitless Range

For limitless range we took 250 jumpers from a step behind the 3 point line and 250 jumpers from the hash mark. If you are a sharpshooter without HOF limitless range you are making a mistake. The results are below.

One Step Out

Badge Level Make %
HOF 58.8%
Gold 50.8%
Bronze 32.4%
None 20%

Hash Mark

Badge Level Make %
HOF 57%
Gold 45.6%
Bronze 22.8%
None 14.4%

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Corner Specialist

Everyone knows that Corner Specialist is a must have badge due to how easy it is to get but we wanted to prove exactly how much of an advantage it provided, especially bronze over not having it at all. For this test we took 400 corner shots per badge level.

Badge Shooting % Green %
Hall of Fame 66.75% 53.5%
Gold 63.25 41%
Bronze 63% 32.5%
None 61.25% 29.75%

Difficult Shots

For difficult shots we took 200 pull shots with Hall of Fame, Gold, Bronze, and no Difficult Shots badge. We used a shot creator with max attributes to attempt these.

Badge Level Make % Green %
Hall of Fame 65% 40.5%
Gold 61% 36%
Bronze 55.5% 33%
None 43% 17.5%



For this test we created 5 identical jump shooters with 90 contested 3 point rating. We only counted jumper with a good contest that were taken straight in front of the basket. We took 300 jumpers with each badge level.

Badge Make %
Hall of Fame 32.67%
Gold 29.33%
Bronze 25.5%
None 22.67%

Dunking – Posterizer, Weight, Strength, Vertical

What effect do Posterizer, weight, strength and vertical have? We have the results

Go To: Strength | Weight | Vertical


To test posterizer we created a 6’6 player at the slasher attribute caps. We created a team full of 7’3 centers with the glass cleaner attribute caps and bronze rim protector to try to simulate the most likely center you will poster in the park.

The results in the table below are only the difference in success once the player goes into a contact dunk animation. We are not factoring in the number of times the drive to the basket resulted in a contested layup. We have only done 100 of each badge level at this point.

The chart below doesn’t really do justice to the most noticeable difference from our testing. Going into the contact dunk animation was immensely more difficult without the badge. It took at least 3x as many attempts to get to 100 animations. It became MUCH easier to get the animations by simply adding bronze posterizer.

What we did

Badge Success Rate
Hall of Fame 58%
Gold 49%
Bronze 39%
None 32%

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For testing strength we are once again using a 6’6 player with slasher attribute caps and Hall of Fame posterizer dunking on a team of 7’3 glass cleaners with bronze rim protector. Any attempt that resulted in a missed shot due to a foul was thrown out.

We used the exact same process as above for obtaining the attempts.

Strength Rating Made Dunks Made Layups Missed Attempts
70 26% 25% 49%
65 20% 26% 54%
60 19% 22% 57%
55 15% 26% 59%
50 5% 29% 66%


Weight on Dunking

The same test method and video applies to this test. All dunkers were 6’6 with Hall of Fame posterizer. The only variable was the players weight. All dunks were once again done on 7’3 glass cleaners with bronze rim protector. Our biggest take away from this test was that weight is not nearly as significant as strength when it comes to successful dunks. The weight range for the dunkers was 180-225 because that is the maximum to minimum weights for a 6’6 slasher.

Weight Dunk Layup Miss
225 25% 24% 51%
210 23% 24% 53%
195 20% 25% 55%
180 19% 25% 56%


Vertical on Dunking

Once again we used the same method and same dunkers. The variable this time was vertical leap. We used a max of 86 and 5 point increments to match the attribute caps of a 6’6 slasher. One of the biggest things we noticed at a low vertical leap was the number of poster animations that resulted in a miss was much higher than the high vertical. We saw roughly the same number of poster attempts regardless of vertical with the difference being the number successfully completed.

Vertical Rating Made Dunks Made Layups Missed Attempts
86 26% 25% 49%
81 22% 24% 54%
76 20% 27% 53%
71 21% 22% 57%
66 20% 24% 56%


The obvious first choice when testing passing badges is Dimer so that is where we started. Dimer is a serious grind to get to Hall of Fame and was a common request that we would receive because of the amount of effort required.


We wanted to test to see how the different levels of dimer effected shooting percentages. We used Stockton for HoF, Rondo for Gold, Teague for Bronze, and Oladipo for none. Jimmy Butler and Lebron were used because they had the same shooting stats. We shot 1000 3 point shots after a pass from each badge. You can see the video below as an example of how we ran the test. The results from the test went about as expected. We believe that they prove that Hall of Fame dimer is worth putting in the effort.

Badge Level Shot %
Hall of Fame 63.8%
Gold 58.3%
Bronze 56.1%
None 52.5%

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What we found from this test

From this test we can safely say that the grind for Hall of Fame Dimer is absolutely worth it. The shooting percentage increase of over 5% is very significant in the park. An added benefit of Hall of Fame dimer is that it can allow a user to get a green release from a cold zone. Based on our tests in the past green releases are impossible in cold zones unless aided by badges. We also believe, but have not yet proven, that increasing your dimer rating decreases the likelihood that the recipient of the pass will fumble the ball around.


Vertical vs Height

We wanted to test whether a 7’3 glass cleaner with low vertical would out rebound a 6’11 glass cleaner with a much higher vertical. Both players were set to their respective attribute caps. When neither player was blocking out the 7’3 glass cleaner won 82% of the contested rebounds. When the taller player had inside position he won 94% of the rebounds and when the shorter player had inside position he won 87% of the rebounds. Size and positioning proved to be a bigger factor than vertical.

Hustle Rebounder

The first thing we did was test the rebounding stat at 70 overall vs 90 overall to prove that their was indeed a difference. We did 200 attempts for each test. The video below shows that test and applies to the badge test as well. The only difference is that we tested the badge in play now instead of practice. The only rebounds that were counted towards our stats are those that we contested and both rebounders had an equal chance of getting to. The tables below display the results of the head to head rebounding matchups. We were able to draw some pretty clear conclusions about the effect of the rebounding stat as well as Hustle Rebounder. Is Hall of Fame Hustle Rebounder worth the effort? You better believe it.

In our rating rebounding test we found that the higher rated rebounder came up with the rebound 61.5% of the time. Based on this we feel we can confirm that rating does have an effect on rebounding.

Next we were on to testing the badge. Below you will see a series of tables. These tables represent rebounding matchups. In the video you can see that the rebounders are going head to head. The tables display the percentage of rebounds each player grabbed in that matchup. As you can see having Hall of Fame Hustle Rebounder is a significant advantage. However, if you only have the gold version of the badge and you are matched up against a Glass Cleaner with the Hall of Fame version you might as well not have the badge at all. This leads us to a common conclusion that the Hall of Fame badge is worth the effort.

Hall of Fame Gold
63% 37%
Gold None
54.5% 45.5%
Hall of Fame None
64.5% 35.5%
Bronze None
55% 45%

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Rebounding Spray Charts

We wanted to know where the best place to position yourself was to dominate the glass. When attempting to grab a rebound it is important to factor in the position of the shooter to give yourself the best chances. Positioning and timing are obviously very important but knowing where to expect the rebound to go is the third leg of the stool. To come up with this answer we have created the charts below. For these charts green dot represents the shooter and the red dots represent where the ball landed after a miss.

Top of the key

Rebounding Spray Chart from the Top of the Key

Elbow Extended

NBA 2k Rebounding Spray Chart from the Left Elbow


NBA 2k Rebounding Spray Chart from the Left Corner


Steal vs X/Square

We attempted 300 steals with the stick and 300 steals with the X button to figure out if there is a difference between the 2. The dribbler had 80 ball control and the defender had 94 steal. No badges were involved.

Button Steal % Poke Free % Foul % Force Pickup %
Stick 4.3% 15.3% 3.6% 10%
X / Square 5.6% 15.6% 4% 11.3%

Pick Pocket

For this test we used a ball handler with playmaker caps and adjusted the ball handling with each test. We attempted 250 steals with a 6’6 point guard with Lockdown defender caps with Hall of Fame, Gold, Bronze and no Badge. The most significant thing we took from this test was that a lockdown defender will struggle to steal from a playmaker but should be able to cause problems for all other archetypes.

Opponent Ball Handling Badge Steal % Foul % Poke Free % Force Pickup % Failed Attempt
94 Hall of Fame 5% 11.25% 2.75% 9.5% 71.5%
94 Gold 3.75% 12% 2.25% 11% 71%
94 Bronze 3% 13.5% 1.5% 9% 73%
94 None 1.25% 16% 1.75% 10.25% 70.75%
87 Hall of Fame 6.75% 10.25% 5.5% 10% 67.5%
87 Gold 5.5% 12% 4% 11.25% 67.25%
87 Bronze 4% 12.5% 4.75% 11% 67.75%
87 None 4.25% 15.75% 3.75% 10.75% 66.5%
80 Hall of Fame 8.25% 10% 7.75% 12.25% 61.75%
80 Gold 6.25% 11.25% 6.5% 11.5% 64.5%
80 Bronze 5.25% 12.25% 5.75% 11.25% 65.5%
80 None 4.5% 16.25% 4% 11% 64.25%
73 Hall of Fame 10.75% 7.5% 8.75% 14% 59%
73 Gold 9% 10% 7.5% 12.25% 61.25%
73 Bronze 5% 12.25% 6.25% 11% 65.5%
73 None 4.75% 16% 4.25% 11.25% 63.75%

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Defensive Stopper

What we know

Defensive Stopper lowers your opponents badge level when it activates. It is not guaranteed to activate on every shot attempt. The badge only lowers opponent badges of equal or lesser value. This means that the only way to lower a Hall of Fame Badge is to have Hall of Fame Stopper. If you do have HoF stopper you will lower your opponents offensive badge ratings to silver. All Offensive badges can be effected by Stopper, including passing badges.

The Test

What is the difference between a shot contest with Hall of Fame defensive stopper and a shot contest with no badge? With that question in mind we took 2000 contested jump shots with Paul George. We created identical defenders, the only change between them being the defensive stopper badge.

The Data

Badge Number Made Shooting %
Hall of Fame 118 23.6%
Gold 144 28.8%
Bronze 179 35.8%
None 242 48.4%

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Deciding on what to do with your wingspan is one of our most common questions. Because of this we have introduced a page dedicated to it. Based on the tests we have run so far we have come to the conclusion that for almost all archetypes you should max it. The benefit to shot contests and rebounding greatly outweighed the damage to shooting percentage. We will continue to add tests to this page as we go forward that may cause us to change our opinion on it.

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We attempted 100 dunks with each Max, Min and Default wingspans. We only counted the attempt when a dunk animation was achieved. We used the same test setup from the dunking page with the only variable being wingspan.

Wingspan Success Rate
Max 43%
Default 37%
Min 34%

Shot Contest

For this test we used a 6’9 shooter and contested shots with players that were 6’7, 6’9 and 6’11. We took 200 jumpers with each. The table below shows the data for a player the same height, 2 inches shorter, and 2 inches taller than our shooter. As you can see the effect is significant.

Height Wingspan Shooting %
+2 inches Max 14.5%
+2 inches Default 21.5%
+2 inches Min 27%
Even Max 17.5%
Even Default 29%
Even Min 31%
-2 inches Max 20%
-2 inches Default 32.5%
-2 inches Min 36%



Wingspan proved to have a significant effect on winning 50/50 rebounds. We took enough jumpers to produce 200 50/50 rebound attempts. The results are below. As you can see maxing your wingspan will lead to an increase in the number of rebounds that you can expect to grab. If you have already been to the rebounding page you may notice that wingspan had a more significant effect than rating or badge levels when it came to winning 50/50 rebounds.

Wingspan Rebounds Won
Max 68.5%
Min 31.5%



All stats being equal the 3 point rating of our shooter was a 72 with a maximum span and a 74 with a minimum. We took 400 jumpers with each player. The play creation screen says that there will be a negative impact on your shooting ability but we wanted to find out how much.

Wingspan Shooting %
Max 52.75%
Min 54.5%
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