Pick Dodger

For pick dodger we ran into a screener with Hall of Fame Brick Wall 200 times at each badge level.

Badge Level Knockdowns Solid Screens Brush Screens
Hall of Fame 26.5% 27.5% 46%
Gold 33% 31% 37%
Bronze 41% 29.5% 29.5%
None 46.5% 33.5% 20%


Brick Wall Knockdown Rate

With make it take it 2s returning brick wall is back. First we tested the badge itself. We ran into 200 screens at each badge level at a full sprint.

Badge Level Knockdowns Solid Screens Brush Screens
Hall of Fame 46.5% 33.5% 20%
Gold 35% 44.5% 20.5%
Bronze 0% 58% 42%
None 0% 55% 45%

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How to run into screens

Next we wanted to see what the best way to hit a screen is without being knocked down. This test was also 200 attempts at a sprint, walk, and intense defense slide. The screener in this test had Hall of Fame brick wall.

Method Knockdowns Solid Screens Brush Screens
Sprint 46.5% 33.5% 20%
Walk 18% 70% 12%
Slide 24.5% 58.5% 17%

Next we tested the effect of the screeners weight. We used one screener with max glass cleaner weight and one with minimum weight. There was not an increase in knockdown rate. However, the minimum weight screener was much easier to displace and fight through their screen.


Finally, we tested strength and found no difference between maximum and minimum strength on screens at all.