Vertical vs Height

We wanted to test whether a 7’3 glass cleaner with low vertical would out rebound a 6’11 glass cleaner with a much higher vertical. Both players were set to their respective attribute caps. When neither player was blocking out the 7’3 glass cleaner won 82% of the contested rebounds. When the taller player had inside position he won 94% of the rebounds and when the shorter player had inside position he won 87% of the rebounds. Size and positioning proved to be a bigger factor than vertical.

Hustle Rebounder

The first thing we did was test the rebounding stat at 70 overall vs 90 overall to prove that their was indeed a difference. We did 200 attempts for each test. The video below shows that test and applies to the badge test as well. The only difference is that we tested the badge in play now instead of practice. The only rebounds that were counted towards our stats are those that we contested and both rebounders had an equal chance of getting to. The tables below display the results of the head to head rebounding matchups. We were able to draw some pretty clear conclusions about the effect of the rebounding stat as well as Hustle Rebounder. Is Hall of Fame Hustle Rebounder worth the effort? You better believe it.

In our rating rebounding test we found that the higher rated rebounder came up with the rebound 61.5% of the time. Based on this we feel we can confirm that rating does have an effect on rebounding.

Next we were on to testing the badge. Below you will see a series of tables. These tables represent rebounding matchups. In the video you can see that the rebounders are going head to head. The tables display the percentage of rebounds each player grabbed in that matchup. As you can see having Hall of Fame Hustle Rebounder is a significant advantage. However, if you only have the gold version of the badge and you are matched up against a Glass Cleaner with the Hall of Fame version you might as well not have the badge at all. This leads us to a common conclusion that the Hall of Fame badge is worth the effort.

Hall of Fame Gold
63% 37%
Gold None
54.5% 45.5%
Hall of Fame None
64.5% 35.5%
Bronze None
55% 45%

Hustle Rebounder is a real grind to get. Don’t want to put in the effort? Contact our badge grinding partners at 2kGoatGrinders. Give them the Promo Code 2kLab and they will give you 10% off!

Rebounding Spray Charts

We wanted to know where the best place to position yourself was to dominate the glass. When attempting to grab a rebound it is important to factor in the position of the shooter to give yourself the best chances. Positioning and timing are obviously very important but knowing where to expect the rebound to go is the third leg of the stool. To come up with this answer we have created the charts below. For these charts green dot represents the shooter and the red dots represent where the ball landed after a miss.

Top of the key

Rebounding Spray Chart from the Top of the Key

Elbow Extended

NBA 2k Rebounding Spray Chart from the Left Elbow


NBA 2k Rebounding Spray Chart from the Left Corner

Future Rebounding Tests

We would like to add vertical ratings effect on rebounding and heights effect on winning rebounds to this page in the future. If you have any test requests please get in contact with us and we will see about getting it added.