Offensive Consistency

Offensive consistency is one of our most requested test. Like most of you we have no idea what the stat does but have heard big things. We are planning on doing a series of tests that hopefully explain exactly what the stat does. If you have suggestions on how to go about testing it please send us an email. We will be adding to these tests periodically. For our first test we took 400 jumpers from the top of the key with 99 offensive consistency and 400 with 25 offensive consistency. We tracked make %, green % and shooting streaks.

Rating Shooting % Green % Average Streak Longest Streak
99 82.5% 52.25% 4.38 18
25 78.75% 49.5% 3.57 12

Draw Foul

We wanted to prove that draw foul was not just a simulation stat. We took 200 contested layups with 99 draw foul and 200 with 40 draw foul.

Draw Foul Rating Drawn Fouls
99 35.5%
40 17%