Intangibles is a measure of being clutch. We shot over 30% better at the end of a close game or at the buzzer at the end of a quarter with 99 intangibles compared to 25.


Speed vs Speed with Ball

Speed and speed with ball are two different measures with speed being faster. For example if you have 2 players with 90 speed with ball both dribbling side by side and one has 90 speed while the other has 70 the first player will run significantly faster.

Weight is one of the most important aspects of determining your MyPlayers speed. If you have 2 MyPlayers with identical stats and the only variable between the 2 is weight the lighter player will run faster. For example if you have a 6’8 Point Forward with 80 speed weighing 220 lbs and the exact same player who weighs 260 lbs but also with 80 speed the first player will run faster. As a rule of thumb for every 10 lbs of weight added to your player you will lose 1 speed. This does not mean that the cap will be lower. A 260 lb player with 80 speed is equivalent to a 220 lb player with 76 speed.

Height does not have this same effect on speed. 5’7 220 and 7’3 220 ran the exact same speed given the same attributes.

*Patch 12 has removed the negative effect of weight on speed and speed with ball*

Offensive Consistency

Offensive consistency will help your player get hot quicker, stay hot longer, and you will be able to miss more shots without losing heat. For this it is important to understand that there are 2 levels of being hot that your player can be. The first level only shows up if you go to the substitution menu and is a +5 bonus to most stat categories. The second level of heat is a +9 bonus and that is when you see the red ring below your player.

We used Paul George to test this, 95 consistency, and a modified Paul with 25 offensive consistency. 95 Paul became hot after his first make he hit the first level of heat and by his third make he was fully hot. He was able to miss 4 shots before losing his heat level. Meanwhile the 25 Paul took 3 makes to hit the first level of heat and 4 to be fully hot. He lost a heat level each time he missed a shot.

We also believe that this same idea applies to your MyPlayer grand badge but we have not completed testing on this yet.

Draw Foul

We wanted to prove that draw foul was not just a simulation stat. We took 200 contested layups with 99 draw foul and 200 with 40 draw foul.

Draw Foul Rating Drawn Fouls
99 35.5%
40 17%