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Buy Diazepam From India - Valium 5Mg Buy Online

Buy Diazepam From India - Valium 5Mg Buy Online

For this posterizer test we took 200 dunk attempts with a 6’6 pure slasher with max weight and wingspan against an equal height opponent with 75 shot contest and shot blocking and max weight and wingspan. The defender was positioned in the paint so that conditions were ideal for posters. Once we got the animation to trigger the dunk went in 100% of the time so we tracked the number of attempts that resulted in the poster animation vs the number of attempts that resulted in a contested layup attempt.

Badge Level Animation %
Hall of Fame 62.5%
Gold 56.5%
Silver 52%
Bronze 46.5%
None 40%

Relentless Finisher

For this test we used a 6’6 maxed pure slasher and attempted 200 contested layups at each badge level. The player had default weight and wingspan. The opponents being scored on were also 6’6 with 75 shot contest and block rating. We positioned the defender in the paint for ideal layup success.

Badge Level Make %
Hall of Fame 71.5%
Gold 64%
Silver 57%
Bronze 53.5%
None 36%

Weight on Finishing

For this test we wanted to see if raising your weight helped you finish through contact. We did used the attributes for a 6’6 pure slasher that did not have any badges. We kept the attributes (75 strength) the same for each test and we only changed the weight. Each drive was a wide open drive to the basket which lead to getting met in the paint by the opposing defender. The defender was the same height with 75 shot contest and default weight.

Weight Dunk Success Layup Success Miss Percentage
175 33.5% 24.5% 42%
190 36% 24% 40%
205 38% 23.5% 38.5%
220 39% 22% 39%
235 40.5% 22.5% 37.5%
250 42.5% 21% 36.5%

Strength on Finishing

For this test we wanted to see if raising your Strength helped you finish through contact. We did used the attributes for a 6’6 pure slasher that did not have any badges. We kept the build the same for each test and we only changed the strength. Each drive was a wide open drive to the basket which lead to getting met in the paint by the opposing defender. The defender was the same height with 75 shot contest and default weight.

Strength Dunk Success Layup Success Miss Percentage
55 24% 28.5% 47.5%
60 28% 27.5% 44.5%
65 31.5% 26.5% 42%
70 34% 25% 40%
75 38% 23.5% 38.5%
80 40.5% 22.5% 37%
85 42.5% 22.5% 39%
90 44% 21.5% 34.5%
95 45% 21% 32.5%

Wingspan on Dunking

We wanted to see if Wingspan helped with finishing dunks. For this test we took a 6’6 Slasher with no badges and repeatedly dunked in traffic 200 times for each wingspan. We only recorded results from actual dunk attempts.

Wingspan Dunk Success Rate
Minimum 33.5%
Default 38.5%
Maximum 45%