Dunking – Posterizer, Weight, Strength, Vertical

What effect do Posterizer, weight, strength and vertical have? We have the results

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To test posterizer we created a 6’6 player at the slasher attribute caps. We created a team full of 7’3 centers with the glass cleaner attribute caps and bronze rim protector to try to simulate the most likely center you will poster in the park.

The results in the table below are only the difference in success once the player goes into a contact dunk animation. We are not factoring in the number of times the drive to the basket resulted in a contested layup. We have only done 100 of each badge level at this point.

The chart below doesn’t really do justice to the most noticeable difference from our testing. Going into the contact dunk animation was immensely more difficult without the badge. It took at least 3x as many attempts to get to 100 animations. It became MUCH easier to get the animations by simply adding bronze posterizer.

What we did

Badge Success Rate
Hall of Fame 58%
Gold 49%
Bronze 39%
None 32%

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For testing strength we are once again using a 6’6 player with slasher attribute caps and Hall of Fame posterizer dunking on a team of 7’3 glass cleaners with bronze rim protector. Any attempt that resulted in a missed shot due to a foul was thrown out.

We used the exact same process as above for obtaining the attempts.

Strength Rating Made Dunks Made Layups Missed Attempts
70 26% 25% 49%
65 20% 26% 54%
60 19% 22% 57%
55 15% 26% 59%
50 5% 29% 66%


Weight on Dunking

The same test method and video applies to this test. All dunkers were 6’6 with Hall of Fame posterizer. The only variable was the players weight. All dunks were once again done on 7’3 glass cleaners with bronze rim protector. Our biggest take away from this test was that weight is not nearly as significant as strength when it comes to successful dunks. The weight range for the dunkers was 180-225 because that is the maximum to minimum weights for a 6’6 slasher.

Weight Dunk Layup Miss
225 25% 24% 51%
210 23% 24% 53%
195 20% 25% 55%
180 19% 25% 56%


Vertical on Dunking

Once again we used the same method and same dunkers. The variable this time was vertical leap. We used a max of 86 and 5 point increments to match the attribute caps of a 6’6 slasher. One of the biggest things we noticed at a low vertical leap was the number of poster animations that resulted in a miss was much higher than the high vertical. We saw roughly the same number of poster attempts regardless of vertical with the difference being the number successfully completed.

Vertical Rating Made Dunks Made Layups Missed Attempts
86 26% 25% 49%
81 22% 24% 54%
76 20% 27% 53%
71 21% 22% 57%
66 20% 24% 56%

What to expect in the future

We have plans for testing wingspan on dunking in the future. In addition we will test heights effect